Black Seas: Master & Commander Starter Set now on preorder. Warlord Games

Set sail for adventure on the high seas with the all new Black Seas Napoleonic era naval combat game from Warlord Games.

The Black Seas: Master & Commander Starter Set comes with everything you need to become a master of the seven seas in the age of sail, with some glorious vessels, complete with sails, flags, and rigging.  Set in the romantic period of the late 1700s, and helping capture the feel of shows such as Sharpe and movies like Master and Commander, this Napoleonic era naval game will fit in alongside its sister game Black Powder perfectly!

The game also includes an A0 sized battlemat to play on, setting the scene for this naval game set in a bygone era. 

The starter set also includes an exclusive miniature of the Sea Wolf, an ideal miniature to add to your Black Powder games.


Each of the beautifully sculpted vessels has its own sails and flags and rigging, making them true talking pieces and something you will really love to take your time over! With nine ships (six brigs and three frigates) included this 1/200th scale game looks amazing and we hope to bring you a full review very soon here on Gamers Web.

You can preorder your copy of Black Seas: Master and Commander Starter Set and get your free Sea Wolf miniature right now over at the Warlord Games webstore!

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