Sisters of Battle Update. Games Workshop

Another great update on the army that loads of gamers have been waiting on making their plastic debut has just been previewed on the Warhammer Community site!

The Rhino is the workhorse of the imperium, a utility vehicle that has filled many roles in its long lifetime and is versatile enough to suit any situation and not just be a troop carrier.

Many of the forces of mankind use the Rhino and the Adeptus Soritas are no exception to this rule.  This all-new plastic kit will contain a standard Rhino APC, but will also feature upgrades to outfit it with Sisters of Battle iconography and weaponry and even a sister to man the pintle-mounted Storm Bolter and lay down fire as her sisters advance!

The Sisters of Battle Rhino will be available to order in November and will be a key player in the army, alongside other variants such as the Immolator and Exorcist which have both been redesigned to match the new models in the range.

Check out the Warhammer Community page for more details and watch out for preorders for the limited edition codex for this force as its bound to sell really quickly.

All images copyright Games Workshop LTD all rights reserved

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