Jeddak of Jeddaks Preview. Modiphius Entertainment

It has been a wee while since we got any more updates on the excelllent John Carter of Mars roleplaying game from Modiphius but things are looking up!

A new preview of Jeddak of Jeddaks has just been posted and looks pretty awesome and an ideal addittion to any Barsoom Jeddaks collection

We’ve got a preview for you of the upcoming Jeddak of Jeddaks supplement.
The Jeddak of Jeddaks supplement focuses on the last era of play, and the default era for John Carter of Mars. As with the last two books, there are new options for players, the most exciting of which is introducing some of the stranger of Burroughs’ races as player options, such as the Kaldanes, Goolians, and even Morgors! Alongside this we also have some new rules for creating inventions and making them permanent in your Barsoom, as well as guidance for scientific characters who might want to experiment with the brain surgery techniques of Ras Thavas!
The cover features John Carter fighting Tarids alongside his Masena ally, Umka on the Martian moon of Thuria. The book is full of awesome new artwork, depicting some of the stranger and less seen aspects of the world of Barsoom.

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