New for Bolt Action: Korea. Warlord Games

Some great new units for Warlord Games Bolt Action expansion Bolt Action: Korea

Korean War: North Korean Heavy Firepower
The Korean People’s Army is reinforced with heavy firepower in the form of the heavy mortar, the M42 anti-tank gun & the Katyusha!

North Korean Katyusha
Korean War: North Korea KPA M-42 anti tank gun
Korean War: North Korean KPA heavy mortar team
766th Independent Regiment NKPA
Korean People's Army
The Korean People’s Army range allows you to field a flexible army that excels on the attack; crushing an opponent under weight of firepower:
Korean War: M39 Armoured Utility Vehicle
The US used a range of capable vehicles in the Korean War; more than a match for their Korean and Chinese counterparts!
The M39 (T41) Armoured Utility Vehicle made its debut in Korea as a reliable transport for US troops.

M39 Armoured Utility Vehicle
M46 Patton heavy tank
Sherman M4A3E8 'Easy Eight'
DUKW amphibious truck

Find out more about Bolt Action Second Edition: Korea at the official website by clicking the banner!

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