Bandai Space Marine Intercessor previewed. Games Workshop

Bandai and Games Workshop announced that they had joined forces to bring a fully articulated action figure of a Primaris Space Marine a while ago and since then there has been very little news until now!

Previewed on the Warhammer Community pages are several images of the fully painted and posable action figure, which will be available to pre-order in October.

The figure will stand eight inches tall and is painted as an Ultramarine and comes complete with a bolter and what looks like 16 point articulation (though it may come with optional hands) and not much else is known at the moment, including pricing point.

In the past, Bandai figures have varied in price from thirty to eighty pounds dependant and the range and a good estimate for this lovely looking figure would be around £60.00.  This may seem very expensive for a toy figure but other licensed Bandai figures in the past have been much higher. Some images taken at recent toy fairs have shown the prototype for this figure to have other weapon options such as a combat knife.  This would be in keeping with other figures from the company and a great addition.

I have a great love of action figures and still have a few hundred or so and will try my best to get one of these awesome looking toys when they are released.


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