Space Marine Action Figure Preorder this weekend. Games Workshop

As announced last week, the new Space Marine Primaris Action Figure by Bandai and Games Workshop is going live for preorder this weekend, but there is a caveat!

At 9am BST this weekend the action figure will go live for preorder, but is limited to just 9,000!  While this may seem like a large number, given the amount of people who play Warhammer 40,000 around the world, if just one percent of those wanted to order one they would be very hard pushed to find one!

To put it into context, when Games Workshop launched their limited edition version of the first Warhammer 40,000 roleplaying game Dark Heresy, it sold out in nine minutes!

So if you want one of these pretty amazing looking toys that will be a collector’s wet dream come true, head on over to Games Workshops website this Saturday morning but dont be late!

Still no price point has been announced yet but we know now that the figure has fifty points of articulation and most action with just thirty points tend to come in at around £40/$45 each!





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