Fallout Wasteland Warfare Update. Modiphius Entertainment

Its been a while since we got anything new announced for the excellent Fallout Wasteland Warfare from our friends at Modiphius Entertainment, but finally after what seems like an age in the vault, we get some new stuff coming our way!

From the press release

Today we’re delighted to announce the release of a brand new range of creatures miniatures to further your adventures in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare with Putrid and Glowing Ones, Mole Rats, Ghouls, Vermin, a new edition of the Deathclaw, plus a the Red Rocket Gas Station scenic set and a brand new Rogue bundle bringing creature power to the Wasteland!
All these new miniatures sets are available as part of our Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Collection, exclusively on Modphius.net.
The Ghouls of the wasteland are twisted by radiation and while some live normal lives others turn feral and become shambling corpses. Some manifest putrid radioactive pustules that drip glowing ooze while others are so corpulent that their disintegrating flesh is stretched to breaking point over their rad infused tissues. Their relentless advance means the end for most victims.
Mole rats are critters found all over the Wasteland. West coast mole rats are descended from mutated moles, while central and east coast mole rats are more likely the result of experiments on the pre-war species, who have gorged on irradiated meats and dubious wasteland ‘fruit’.
Ghouls pace around their familiar hovels viciously defending areas which are often little more than a hole in the ground. Congregating in packs and hunkering down in bombed out buildings or subway stations , woe betide anyone who enters such places unprepared – their wanderings usually come to an abrupt end under the dirt-encrusted talons and jagged teeth of a feral ghoul pack.
The wasteland is populated by terrible vermin infestations and mole rat attacks erupt from the earth to snap and scratch, ripping at your face and body and can easily overwhelm even the most experienced wastelander. Radroaches stay hidden and their preferred habitats are cool, dank cellars or underground sewers and train stations. Irradiated and swollen versions of their pre-war namesakes, Radroaches thrive in these inhospitable environments, sustained by refuse, decay and even (when necessary) feasting on each other.

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