A Dredd-full November! Wargames Illustarated/Warlord Games

Next month will see the gaming return of one of Britians best loved comic book characters, Judge Joseph Dredd, as Warlord Games unleash their all new system onto the gaming community!

Judge Dredd has been around for a long while in miniature format (check out my history of the Dredd miniature range), and the all new game is being handled by industry veteran and icon, Mr. Andy Chambers, so you know it is in pretty safe hands following the great job he did last year with Strontium Dog.

Just teased by Wargames Illustrated is the cover of this months (street date November 2019) issue which will be on sale in a couple of weeks time and will feature an indepth look at the game and history of Dredd in miniature (not mine sadly but hey ho), and as a free gift you will get a set of waterslide decals to spruce up your scenery and add that unique 2000AD feel to buildings, vehicles and whatever else your scrawlers can tag!

Image copyright Wargames Illustrated all rights reserved!

I will of course take a good long look at this magazine as soon as I can get it and will be delving deep into the new game system and hopefully speaking with Andy Chambers and the guys at Warlord and Rebellion about what makes Dredd so popular.


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