Saber Athena and Hakuja join Pacific Rim: Extinction Miniatures Game. Riverhorse

Just when you thought it was safe to cancel that apocalypse all over again, Riverhorse come along to tempt you with even more Jaeger/Kaiju goodness!

Saber Athena and Hakuja join the fight!

Saber Athena matches off against a mysterious enemy.

Saber Athena is the most technologically advanced Jaeger ever built by the PPDC, and it shows in her superior speed and power. She is one of the few Jaegers able to outmaneuver the kaiju!

Hakuja rises from the deep, a walking mass of armor plates and muscle, slow but unstoppable. Beware his ability to burrow through the ground, you never know where he will come up… it may be right behind you!

Both Saber Athena and Hakuja are now available in stores, as well as online, so make sure to check them out and bring them to the table. And do share your pics of the pair with us on our facebook and twitter!

Wondering what this Pacific Rim Extinction thing is all about? Well, wonder no longer, and give the rulebook a download! This bookmarked PDF version of the rules is perfect for players using tablets, looking up rules on phones, or simply taking a look through the game.
What are you waiting for? Download them now!

Pacific Rim rulebook available for download

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