Black Seas preorders. Warlord Games

Some great new preorders for Black Seas from those wonderful folks at Warlord Games.  This game is certainly shaping up to be fun and the range is really growing!

Black Seas Collection
New to Pre-Order: the US Navy and Spanish Navy are set to join the battle in Black Seas. As well as fleet boxes for both the US and Spanish navies, new vessels of legend emerge to lead their battle lines; The USS Constitution, HMS Royal Sovereign and the largest of them all, the mammoth Santisima Trinidad. You can also augment your fleets with gunboat squadrons and enliven your battles with the Black Seas Scenery Pack.
Pre Order
Black Seas Collection
Black Seas: US Navy Fleet
U.S. Navy Fleet (1770 - 1830)
Black Seas US Naval Flag
The burgeoning US Navy is set to sail into Black Seas. Get your collection started with the US Navy Fleet. Bring your over-gunned frigates to the fight!

U.S. Navy Fleet (1770 - 1830)
U.S. Navy Fleet (1770 - 1830)
USS Constitution
Known fondly as “Old Ironsides,” the USS Constitution was a wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate that tangled with Barbary Pirates and the Royal Navy!

Focus: USS Constitution
USS Constitution
Our United States Battle Line gives you the brilliant beginnings of a US Navy spearheaded by “Old Ironsides” herself, along with the USS President and the USS United States.

United States Battle Line
Black Seas: Spanish Navy Fleet
Spanish Navy Fleet (1779-1820)
Black Seas Spanish Naval Flag
The Spanish Navy fleet box comprises 3 frigates, 6 brigs, 3 third rates, a first rate and a bomb ships base, a fantastic entry point to kickstart a Spanish fleet in Black Seas.Spanish Navy Fleet »
Spanish Navy Fleet (1779-1820)
Spanish Navy Fleet (1779-1820)
Focus: Santisima Trinidad
Santisima Trinidad
The mighty Santisima Trinidad was by far the largest and most powerful vessel of the Age of Sail. Bring this behemoth to your Black Seas Spanish Fleet.

Santisima Trindad
Our Spanish Battle Line gives you the beginnings of a Spanish Navy led by the Santisima Trinidad; this mighty flagship will dwarf that of any opponent.

Spanish Battle Line
Focus: HMS Royal Sovereign
Black Seas British Naval Flag
The Royal Navy adds another illustrious flagship to its ranks. Enter the HMS Royal Sovereign, the flagship of Admiral Collingwood and head of the Leeward line at the Battle of Trafalgar.

HMS Royal Sovereign

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