Star Trek Adventures: Stolen Liberty. Modiphius Entertainment

Another great release for one of the best licensed roleplaying games around from our good friends at Modiphius Entertainment!

Today we’re delighted to announce the release of a brand new mission for Star Trek Adventures fans set during the Next Generation era.

Star Trek Adventures: Stolen Liberty is now available as a PDF on as part of our Star Trek Adventures collection and on  where it’s also part of the  Star Trek Adventures Missions bundle.

Here are the details on this intriguing new mission:

Will Your Crew Dare to Break the Prime Directive?

“This is Interlunar Probe Twelve. We are in immediate distress. We are caught in Zafrel’s gravity well. Our orbit is decaying into its outer atmosphere and we are unable to generate sufficient thruster power to break free. We are in full eclipse from Jinidar and unable to contact Master Control. If any other listener is somehow able to receive this message, please respond and advise! Repeat, this is Interlunar Probe Twelve…”

When the crew responds to a call for help, they soon find themselves faced with an ethical dilemma. Does the crew hold to the Federation principles of non-interference, or break regulations to provide assistance?

This standalone 19-page PDF adventure by Christopher L. Bennett is for the Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game and is set during The Next Generation era. This adventure also contains advice for adaptation for use in campaigns based in other Star Trek eras.

We hope you enjoy this latest Star Trek Adventures mission and look out for more great releases from Star Trek Adventures including the Gamma Quadrant Source book coming soon.

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