Marvel Crisis Protocol Now Out and New Miniatures Teased. Atomic Mass Games

Well after months of speculation and hype from fans, including myself, Atomic Mass Games finally unleashed their baby Marvel Crisis Protocol into the world on November 15th.

The miniatures game was first teased during Fantasy Flight Games In-Flight Report on the eve of this years GenCon and instantly caused people to sit up and pay attention.  Firstly a huge property like a Marvel miniatures game being done as the first game from a company is all but unheard of, but when people got to see the miniatures and the amazing demo boards at the show the following day, the hype train went into overdrive and with good reason.

Though Atomic Mass Games is a new company, it is not one without experience as many of its writers and designers have worked previously for Privateer Press on games such as Warmachine and Monster Apocalypse, both hugely successful and fun games in their own right.

Following GenCon, the rules for Marvel Crisis Protocol were given away free on the Atomic Mass Games website (in fact going live during GenCon itself) helping give a tease at what was to come from the company and how the game plays, and soon after Atomic Mass Games began their own weekly Twitch live streams covering game mechanics and game play, building the miniatures and painting tutorials often with Dallas Kemp the art director and Will Shick the lead designer on the game.  Thankfully I only missed the first of these fun filled streams and sadly the one week that the clocks changed here in the UK as we were not one hour further ahead due to the clocks only changing in the states the weekend following.

The streams have all been fun and interesting and we have seen teases of new cards, miniatures and hints at whats to come out in future waves, including the epic looking Thanos miniature that was teased a few weeks ago.  A huge shout out to Will, Josh, Will, Dallas, Evan and everyone else at Atomic Mass Games on such a great game and to all the folks who made the live streams so much fun over the past couple of months.

Well the day has finally arrived and the game is now available in game stores all over the world and is getting into the very eager hands of those who have waited patiently for weeks since it was initially announced.

My full in-depth review and unboxing will be up very shortly as my copy arrived this morning (still need to video it) and I will take a long hard look under the hood of this beast of a game and find out what makes it tick in my review.  I have been a gamer now for over fifty years and can honestly say that I have not been this excited for a new game in over twenty years!

We know that there are a lot of characters coming out for the game, the display cabinet at GenCon was filled with lots of amazing looking models, but until now we only had a vague guess at when things were coming out.  Now thanks to Discount Games Inc we have a look at the boxes for the fourth wave of releases.  Wave two will feature Wakanda and her finest with Black Panther & Killmonger, Shuri & Okoye and also everyone’s favorite drooling symbiotic lifeform Venom (who is a tank in game play). Wave three will go all Asgardian on us with Thor & Sif, Loki & Hela, Winter Solider & Vision and add another terrain piece which is the huge tanker/garbage truck.

Now we finally know what wave four will feature.

CP15 will feature Corvus Glade and his wife Proxima Midnight, children of Thanos and will kick off the cosmic theme. 

CP16 contains sibling rivalry with Nebula and her sister Gamora.

CP17 contains everyone’s favorite wisecracking raccoon and his best pal who happens to be a sentient tree with Rocket Racoon and Groot.


CP18 contains another wise-cracking character and one who is so good at dance-offs, Starlord!

Wave four will be released in Febuary/March 2020, though some of the models may be pushed back slightly as already the NYC Terrain set (CP06) has been pushed back to December 2019.

Stay tuned to Gamers Web and Marcs Comic Book Pages for more updates, reviews and articles.  Once again many congratulations to everyone at Atomic Mass Games for such an excellent launch.

You can order your copy of Marvel Crisis Protocol now, and the wise choice is to order from our good friends at 6s2hit and get a whopping 20%  off the retail price! Furthermore, if you order from 6s2hit and you are a member of the Ark Games Club you will save a further 5% really brining down that price.

Visit the Ark for more details on the awesome club and the savings you can make.

And visit 6s2Hit for loads of great gaming products under one roof.

Images copyright Atomic Mass Games/6s2Hit all rights reserved!

Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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