Warhammer Age of Sigmar Mortal Realms out in January. Hachette Partworks

Way back in August this year, Hachette Partworks released a trial run of its latest magazine in collaboration with Games Workshop, Warhammer Age of Sigmar Mortal Realms!

The magazine is designed and aimed at new players in the exact same way that its sister magazine Warhammer 40,000 Conquest is, albeit with a fantasy feel rather than science fiction.

The trail was only available in a few select parts of the UK and only for four issues.  Now it’s been confirmed that the full launch of the magazine will be in January 2020.

The first issue will be available at a special price of £2.99 and the magazine will launch at full price of £7.99 with issue two.

Issue one features  3 easy-to-build Sequitors, 10 easy-to-build Chainrasps, dice, ruler and battle mat.

Issue Two comes with 4 Banshees, Corax White paint and brush.

Issue Three comes with 4 Castigators with Gryph-Hound and Retributor Armour paint.

And finally, Issue Four comes with Glavewraith Stalkers, Nihilakh Oxide paint and a battle mat.

As with Warhammer 40,000 Conquest I will be doing weekly looks at this magazine over on my YouTube channel and will of course be doing giveaways when possible!.

You can sign up for the mailing list right now to be kept up to date with the latest news about the launch of the magazine, as well as subscription details.  Subscribers will get some free goodies with the release of the magazines, and you can opt in for a premium subscription that allows you to get even more items.

Finally please read the small print if you do decide to subscribe, as there is a caveat that means to get some of the free subscription deals you need to subscribe from issue one onwards!  This sounds logical of course, but if you have already managed to get the first four issues during the trial (which I did with Warhammer 40,000 Conquest) then you will need to buy them all over again to get the free cutters, paint handle, etc!

You can sign up for more details at the link below

Also check out one of the biggest groups on Facebook dedicated to the magazine at the link below!


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