Warlord Previews Judge Dredd Miniature Game. Warlord Games

+++ Item.  Mutants seen in Sector 39, +++

+++Item . Multiple Homicide at Sly Stallone Block, senior Judge requested +++

+++ Item. Judgement Day is drawing ever closer and on November 30th Judge Dredd miniatures game from our good friends at Warlord Games will finally be available.+++

As the game draws closer to release, Warlord have posted a brief guide video on how the game plays and showcasing some of the excellent new models and terrain.

The game will follow a similar ruleset as its sister game Strontium Dog and will use many of the same mechanics to help bring justice to the wild streets of Mega-City One.  Form your own gangs of perps to take over as much turf as you can or dispatch a cadre of judges to bring swift retribution where needed, the choice is yours.

Expect a full review just as soon as we can get our hands on a copy and look out for my painting tutorials on getting the most from the miniatures.

You can still preorder the game from Warlord Games at the banner below or at all good game stockists!

Remember possession of comic books carries a mandatory encubment of five years creep!

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