Review: The Hulk Expansion Marvel Crisis Protocol. Atomic Mass Games

He is green, he is huge and he is always, always angry.  Taking a look at the Strongest Avenger.  The Hulk expansion for Marvel Crisis Protocol from Atomic Mass Games. In this review, I will take a look at the miniature and delve a little deeper into the character. Check out the video further down the page

The Hulk is one of the most popular characters in modern fiction, a poor victim of circumstances that turner a mild mannered scientist into a raging beast.  Bruce Banner was exposed to high levels of gamma radiation during a military test, when he saved the life of his young friend Rick Jones.

Banners changed his physiology at the genetic level, altering his DNA and during times of stress he switches from the weak, yet brilliant scientist to the raging monster that the world knows as the Hulk!

The Hulk is an outsider, even among his friends and those he cares deeply for, he is often treated with kid gloves, and the loneliness and isolation he has faced over the years has led to some excellent storytelling.

He has been a key member of the most iconic team in Marvel pantheon of heroes, The Avengers, who were in fact formed to deal with the threat that the Hull posed to the world.  Likewise he has also been a member of The Defenders, the First Family of Marvel the Fantastic Four and even teamed up with other outcasts in The Invaders.

In recent years the character has undergone a shift in direction and with the arrival of The Ultimates comic book series, Hulk became more of a force of nature and as a result many innocent people died during his rampage.

The character has been on the silver screen and also television many times over the years, from the cartoon in the mid 70s, and the cult television series starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno, to countless cartoons and animated appearances.  Theses  days he is perhaps best know for the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies as played by the ever excellent Mark Ruffalo, and before that by Edward Norton and Eric Banner (no relation).

Now the towering hero has made it to Atomic Mass Games all new superhero system Marvel Crisis Protocol and what a powerhouse he is!

The miniatures for the game are all first rate and they have just leapt from the pages of a comic book, and no exception at all.  This is a huge and intimidating looking miniature that towers.over normal sized models (check out.the size comparison with Obi-Wan Kenobi in the video) and the model goes together like a dream.

Parts fit flush with little need, if any, for filler and the pose is both dynamic and action packed with very fluid lines of animation that help bring this awesome model to life!

The expression on the face perfectly captures the inner turmoil and rage that Bruce Banner must constantly feel, the look of pure anger is priceless!

As mentioned above, the assembly is straight forward and should pose no problems to even the most novice of hobbyist, though I would highly recommend using a set of good quality side snips to remove each piece from the sprue and a good plastic cement such as Plastiweld to get a great finish when assembled.

The model also comes with a 60mm scenic base, which is in keeping with the other miniatures in the range and features a street section. Also on the frame, you will find a crushed can and a bottle to add some scatter to the finished model, a very neat touch from Atomic Mass Games and one that I wholeheartedly applaud.

As well as the miniature, the expansion also includes tokens and cards for use within the game.  The inclusion of extra wound tokens is a great idea, but I can’t understand while there are only a few given when the character has way more stamina! There are also power tokens and three tokens that represent Gamma Shelters in the Crisis card that comes with the character.

Lets take a look inside the box.  My unboxing video is below, followed by my in depth look at the expansion!

Team Tactic Cards

The Hulk Expansion comes with three brand new Team Tactics cards for use in your games.

Gamma Launch.

This card allows Hulk to pick up and throw a friendly character who is not carrying a civilian or objective and is in range two. The character can then be thrown upto range five. This can really close the distance between models and is a great way to capture that last moment objective and win the game. Its very much like the fastball special that Colossus and Wolverine often use in the comics, were the Russian giant picks up and hurls the diminutive Wolverine into combat!

Anger Management

This card can only be used by a character with the Avengers affiliation and allows the teammates knowledge of the Hulk to be used as an advantage and push the right buttons to make him angry. The Hulk suffers damage for every power point put into the card but in return gains upto five power.

Seeing Red

This is an unaffiliated card so anyone can use it. When an allied character is KO’d by an enemy effect a character within range 2 may play this card for 3 power, they may then make an additional attack against the character that caused the effect!

The Hulk Character Card

As with all of the other characters in the core set, Hulk has his very own roster card that details all of his attacks and powers. He is a true powerhouse in the comics and rightly so the game reflects this fact by making him extremely tough in combat.

Stamina. Hulk has a stamina of a whopping 20 points, but u like other characters in the game he doesn’t flip his card over once he has reached his limit, instead he is simply out of the game.

Having such a huge stamina though really makes him a formidable thing to face off against in combat, and I can see Hulk being a bullet magnet as people rush to take him on.

Movement. He only has a short movement stat but due to the size his base of 60mm he can cover a fair bit of ground.  Also for three power he can negate this with one of his powers (see below).

Size. The Hulk is a towering and imposing figure in his own right and stands way bigger than any other model so far in the Marvel Crisis Protocol range (until Thanos comes out of couree) and his card reflects this. Hulk is size 4 which in game terms means he can really do some damage with buildings and vehicles. He also can bypass most terrain features as they are smaller or the same size as he is.

Threat. Naturally given that the Hulk is such a powerful character, he needs to have a points cost that will reflect this and he comes in at a Threat of 6.  This makes him the most expensive character in the game so far and means that players will have to really evaluate the threat of the scenario and choose wisely.  I do expect Thanos and Thor to be of a similar cost, but of course we will have to wait and see when they finally come out in 2020.


Hulk is a pretty much all rounder when it comes to his defense line, he has 2 defense against physical, 2 against energy and 3 against mystical as in keeping with the comic books.

Abilities and Powers

Strike: Hulks basic attack has a range of 2 and 6 damage and costs zero power to use.  If you roll a wild when making an attack with Strike then the Push ability comes into play and you may move the opposing model short away from the Hulk, ideal for pushing them into terrain features! Strike is a physical attack.

Thunder Clap:  As in the comic books and movies, Hulk bangs together his collossal sized hands and the resulting clap acts like a shockwave and knocks anything in its path over.  This is a beam attack and uses the range 3 ruler, doing 5 damage and costing 3 power to use! Thunder Clap is an energy attack.

Hulk Smash: Hulk is well known for smashing things up, in fact the cartoon series that recently featured the Hulk was known as Hulk and the Agents of SMASH!  This power has a range of 2 and a damage of 8, yes 8 and costs 4 power to use.  However its the effects of the wilds that make this pretty much devastating to anyone it its.  For a wild this conveys the Stagger and Throw effect, though I am not sure if it can do both effects at the same time, but the wording on using Wilds seems to imply that it does.

Gamma Leap: (Active): This is the power I mentioned above that allows the Hulk to move more than short range.  For 2 power, Hulk may make a Gamma Leap within range 2 of his current location, but can only be used once per turn!

Strongest One there Is (Active): This power allows the Hulk to pick up and throw an interactive terrain object that is size 4 or less and within range 2 of the model and then throw it to the medium move distance.  Again this can only be used once per turn and it costs 2 power to use!

Inner Rage (Innate): During the power phase of the game Hulk gains an additional 2 power tokens, giving him 3 in effect each turn!

You Won’t like me when I’m Angry (Innate): This is where Hulk can really lay down some serious hurt on someone.  For every three points of damage that Hulk has on his car, he rolls an additional dice when making an attack. If this is combined with Anger Management after he has taken a point of damage and five power are pumped into it, and then Hulk uses his Hulk Smash attack, he will roll 10 dice in total, 8 for the power and 2 extra for the damage he has on his card!

Immunity (Poison) (Innate) The Hulk is naturally immune to poisons and poison based attacks!

Crisis Card

The Hulk expansion also comes with its own Crisis Card detailed below

Gamma Wave Sweeps Across Midwest: The Hulk comes with his own Secure Crisis Card, that has a total threat value of 15.  This card has you place three Gamma Shelter tokens provided in the pack as per one of the set up maps.  During the clean up phase of the game, any character that is not within range 2 of a Gamma Shelter suffers 1 damage, also players score victory points for securing shelters that range from 1 to 3 victory points depending on how far from the players table edge they are, the further away the more points!


Okay so that is my look at the first expansion for Marvel Crisis Protocol.  Hulk is a really powerful character and even with the high threat of 6 (which is 1 higher than his closest character MODOK) he is well worth adding to your roster, especially if you think you may be going up against either MODOK or Venom once he is released.

A winning formula would be to take Hulk, Crossbones and Baron Zemo for a total of 10 threat, and if you throw in Black Widow and Doctor Octopus bringing the total up to 15 threat and you have a pretty well rounded team that can pack a punch with Hulk and Crossbones, and will gain advantages from the other characters such as not being able to be targeted at long ranges by Black Widow or Zemos Steel Rush!  Also you have two long ranged hitters and one medium for rushing for objectives, and with Gamma Leap from Hulk and Aggressive for Crossbones they can close gaps pretty fast.

The model went together like a dream and I am really looking forward to painting this hulking (pun intended) kit up.  I plan on using contrast paints from Citadel for the bulk of the skin tones and regular paints for everything else.

Another great product for what is looking likely to be a game with real potential.

Nuff Said


Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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