New Judgement. Warlord Games

The Judge Dredd Miniatures Game is barely a day out into the world and leaks of wave two have already begun to surface for release in the coming weeks

Exact content details are not released as of yet but most likely the Mutant Sky Raiders will be two models mounted, Cursed Earth Raiders will be one model, Cit-Def will be four models, Cit-Def Reinforcements will be three models.  Both the Grav Pod and Hover Van will be one vehicle and Judge Anderson will most likely follow the same format as Judge Dredd and be two models, one on foot the other mounted on a Lawmaster Bike.

All models will come with cards for the game and will be made of the same high quality resin that Warlord are using for the entire range.  The resin gives excellent, crisp details and is very versitile and paints up very nicely.

Look out for them at the end of January 2020

Mutant Sky Raiders

Cursed Earth Raiders

Judge Anderson


Cit-Def Reinforcements



All the second wave releases are due to hit tabletops in early February 2020, just in time for the comics 43rd birthday at the end of that month!

Click on the banner below to see all the cool deals from Warlord Games and expect a full indepth review as soon as I can get a copy of the game.

All images copyright Warlord Games/Rebellion all rights reserved

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