Obsidian Fury and Gipsy Danger join the fight! Riverhorse

Pacific Rim: Extinction is getting even more love coming its way and Riverhorse will be hosting the first ever Pacific Rim tournament, details below!

The legendary Jaeger Gipsy Danger turns the tide! A shining beacon of courage, this Mark-3 veteran brings to bear pulse cannon, rocket elbow and chain sword against the Kaiju threat.

The sinister warrior Obsidian Fury is unleashed! Bristling with weapons, this titanic mech is able to overpower and brutally destroy almost any Jaeger in the PPDC fleet. Can anything stop this menace?

Both Gipsy Danger and Obsidian fury are now available in stores and on our website, so make sure to pick them up and have a play!

Join us at the very first PRE tournament!

Come join us at Black Dragon Miniatures in Hinckley on the 25th of January 2020, for a fun day of Jaeger vs Kaiju madness! Select your force of Kaiju, Jaegers… or mixed! Download the Tournament Pack (or the printer friendly version) and join the fray!

Purchasing a ticket (only £5) secures you a place, and on the day you will receive a voucher worth £5 to spend in-store.

The winner and runners-up will be entered in our hall of fame and will take home rich prizes. So, fame and fortune await – join now!

Pacific Rim game night pack incoming!

Not around for a tournament? Never fear, you can set up your own game nights in your store or club with our up and coming game night kit, keep your eyes peeled and talk to your local club about organizing an event!


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