Marvel Crisis Protocol Ultimate Encounters. Atomic Mass Games

Though the game has only been out for just over a month now, Atomic Mass Games excellent Marvel Crisis Protocol has already gained a large following of fans around the world, all seemingly eager for more information.

During the live stream over on Twitch TV, Will Shick of Atomic Mass Games announced a brand new mode to play the game Ultimate Encounters, which pits up to two teams of characters against one of the big bads of the Marvel Universe!

Its not uncommon in the Marvel Universe for heroes and villains to put aside their squabbles and team up to face a greater threat, fighting side by side to defeat whomever they are both equally concerned about.  The Big Bad idea is not a new one and has been done for many decades in film, television and of course in comic books.

In the example shown during the live stream (link below), Will and Will Pagani teamed up against Josh in the studio, showcasing a brand new way to play the game, with Josh being the ultimate threat and playing a new supped up version of Ultron that has to be seen to be believed!

The brand new rules were made available to the public right after the livestream and you can download them by clicking on the Ultron image below, and I am pretty sure that Ultimate Encounters will be a really popular game mode with the fans.

Image copyright Atomic Mass Games All Rights Reserved

Don’t forget to follow Atomic Mass Games on their weekly live stream on Twitch.

All images and content copyright Atomic Mass Games all rights reserved!

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