APC. Kore Thinking

Earlier this year, our friends at Kore Thinking ran a successful kickstarter campaign to fund their range of future vehicles, ideal for games like Infinity and Warlord Games excellent new Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. 

Now the guys from Kore Thinking have some new vehicles and they very kindly sent me a sample to take a look at.

The APC (Amoured Personnel Carrier), is a two piece resin cast vehicle.  The kit consists of the main body of the carrier and the hatch for the gunners copula on the roof, so assembly is simply a case of glueing the hatch to the recess.

The main body is a single casting with the wheels already in place on the vehicle, so no need to mess about trying to get them to sit level as in some other resin kits. Overall the casting was very smooth and clean, with only a small patch of flash on one side that needed to be sanded a little.

As you can see by the photos above, the kit is an ideal size and scale for modern games such as Marvel Crisis Protocol (Hulk and Captain America for size comparison) and will fit in perfectly with that game, or make a great getaway vehicle for Dredd or some other modern day game such as Walking Dead!

You can check out more from Kore Thinking over on their Facebook page and look out for the release details.  My many thanks to Mark from Kore for the sample!


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