Poison River. A Legend of the Five Rings Novel. Aconyte Books

Be transported back to the age of the Feudal East with this brand new novel from Aconyte Books set in the wonderful Legend of the Five Rings universe!

From the Press Release
A mystery death brings a dilettante detective to life, and drags his long-suffering bodyguard into a nest of intrigue that will test their mettle, and their blades… introducing our second novel set in LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS’ rich fantasy world: Poison River by Josh Reynolds, released worldwide in August 2020.

This is the first of the Daidoji Shin Mysteries, pitting a scandal-prone Crane noble against clan machinations across Rokugan. One of our favourite elements is the relationship between the louche detective Shin and his fearsome and heavily armed sidekick, Hiramori Kasami. Follow the clues below for the full synopsis, jaw-droppingly gorgeous cover art, courtesy of John Anthony di Giovanni, and some searching questions for Josh.

Image result for asmodee uk

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