Street Judges Miniature Expansion. Warlord Games

Following on from my look at the Judge Dredd expansion for the excellent Judge Dredd Miniatures Game  from Warlord Games, here is my look at the Street Judges expansion

There is a very thin line in Mega-City One  that stops the entire population from erupting into chaos and tipping over the brink and into oblivion.  With a populace that at one time was over 800 million citizens, the only thing that stands between them and the madness of near total unemployment, vast over crowding and rampant crime, are the judges, men and women who dedicate their entire lives to upholding the law!

Each judge is trained from childhood in the Academy of Law, where they learn every single aspect they will need to bring the law to the people, and some don’t make it, death rates among cadets are pretty high and assuming that they do make it as far as their eleventh year Hot Dog Run into the Cursed Earth, not everyone is cut out to be a judge, and many are failed or quit as they can’t handle it.

Those that do make it are those of the toughest character and of those, while many will go onto technical or medical divisions within the Justice Department, the ones with the most conviction will spend a life time on the streets as street judges, having daily contact with the citizens of the Big Meg.

The Street Judges Expansion contains five resin Judge miniatures all cast in the new resin that Warlord is now using.  The majority of the miniatures are multi part castings and will need assembly with super glue before use. I would suggest that once the miniatures have been assembled that they are washed using warm water with some washing up liquid to release any mould chemicals left over.  Make sure that the water is not too hot however to avoid warping the model.

The judges are all posed and armed with a variety of weapons from the standard issue Lawgiver, to day sticks and a Lawrod shotgun.  Posing on all five of the miniatures is very well executed and this pack presents a judge with his respirator in the down position which as far as I am aware is the first model to depict this. There is also a judge armed with a Widowmaker which is pretty huge!

The animation on all the models is really good and captures the comic book feel of Judge Dredd very well.  There was a wee bit of flash on each of the models, but nothing that a quick clean up couldn’t resolve, and each will go to make up a pretty decent team for the game.

Each of the four miniatures that needs assembly has little problems going together and even a novice will find it pretty simple (assuming that you don’t end up leaking superglue from your aplicator like I did).  The female judge is holding a day stick and you need to make sure that you put the hands on the right way around or it will look odd and not sit correctly.  Other than that the judges go together pretty well as you can see in the video, with no really visible gaps.

Overall these are among some of the best judge sculpts since the talented hands of Mr. Tim Prow did his range for Wargames Foundry and I am really looking forward to wave two coming out next month. If you add Anderson and Dredd to your collection, as well as the street Judges expansion you will have a really hard hitting cadre of justice to choose from

The facial detail on a couple of the judges is almost non-existant. but this adds to the overall feel of the models themselves and the fact that judges are meant to be nondiscript and faceless facets of the law.

There are no fast and hard rules for which model is which represents which Judge and the pack contains combat cards for all the various regular judges to choose from.  This includes regular street judges right through to senior judges and they all have access to the same weaponry and equipment regardless of which is chosen.

While the majority of the game is about gangs trying to carve out a name for themselves, most players will want to play as judges and this is a perfect start!  I think that the game has a lot of potential when it comes to future releases and expansions and eagerly look forward to getting my hands on more, which I will, of course, review and unbox

The Street Judges Expansion for the Judge Dredd Miniature Game is available right now from Warlord Games directly or any good game stockist that carries Warlords ranges.

Look out for more reviews and articles for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game coming soon to Gamers Web and you can check my thoughts on the new game by clicking HERE

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