Marvel Crisis Protocol street dates. Atomic Mass Games

Last night saw the first live stream on Twitch of 2020 for the boys from Atomic Mass Games and showcased some new characters played for the first time.

There has been quite a lot of speculation as too just when the new characters from the Wakanda faction Shuri and Okoye would drop and everyone’s favourite pancreas hungry symbiotic lifeform Venom!

In last night’s Twitch live stream, we got reassurance from Will Shick that the global release date for both expansion packs will be January 17th, and that the company will try more to keep fans of the excellent game more in the loop about release dates for future expansions.

The live stream showcased just how powerful the Wakanda faction can really be, with Killmonger being a beast in combat and Shuri using her gauntlet to literally push opponents off objectives.

Add to this the reveal of Vision, who is a bit of a powerhouse of a character for just 4 threat and as in the comics, he can change his density to become intangible, allowing attacks to pass right through him. Although we saw Vision and got a brief look at his character card, we didn’t get to see Winter Soilder who will be in the same expansion as him, perhaps we may get to see him in the next live stream on January 9th as it is a hobby stream!

Look out for a full review of both sets as soon as they land here on Gamers Web and our YouTube channel.

You can check out the weekly live stream from Atomic Mass Games over on Twitch at the link below.  It is every Thursday at 1pm PST/9pm GMT

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