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Since the character first appeared way back in 1963, Spider-Man has a whole host of villians and anti heroes to fight against, some of which have become some of the best loved charcters in comic book history.

From Green Goblin, too Doctor Octopus and Vulture, so many characters have been introduced in the pages of the Spider-Man comics that its really difficult to keep a track of them all, let alone list them!  And while there are on occasion some characters that we really want to forget about such as Swarm and Kangaroo (please for the love of Stan go look them up if you want to have a laugh: Marc), there are some that become firm fan favorites from the get go!

Venom is one such character and was the brain child of David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane, though his origins are way deeper and even go back to a competition run by Marvel to design a new suit for Spidey years earlier.

Regardless, Venom made a huge impact on the Spiderverse of Peter Parker, and went on to be the anti-hero that is much loved a short while later.

So who is Venom?

When Peter Parker was transported to an alien world during the Secret Wars which had most of the worlds heroes and villians whisked across the galaxy to fight each other.  Peters regular costume was badly damagaed and his secret identity was in danger of being revealed. Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four used an alien machine to create an all new costume for the wall crawler, but didn’t know at the time that the costume was a senitent being which would try to bond with Parker and take over his body.

Eventually the costume was seperated from Peter and it would wind up merging with Eddie Brock a photographer who had a deep hatred and resentment for Peter Parker.  Giving in to the will of the alien symbiote, the union called itself Venom and would use its hate and anger against Spider-Man/Peter Parker to bring us some of the best ever stories in the history of the comic!

Venom would eventually come to terms with Parker and a loose truce was agreed, and over the years the symbiote has been linked to many other people, including Flash Thompson who would become Agent Venom, but it is Brock that is most attached to the character!

Possessing all the traits that make Spider-Man so great, Venom is able to swing and use its own version of webs, grow parts of its body into weapons and even change its appearance on occasion.

Now the Venom Expansion for Marvel Crisis Protocol from Atomic Mass Games is finally available and my video below will take a look at the model and I will then go into a more in-depth look at the character, and my thoughts on how to use Venom in your games!


The Miniature

Venom is one of the models that instantly sold me on Marvel Crisis Protocol back when the game was  debuted in 2019!  The miniature is pretty much one of the best likenesses to the comic book character in the entire range and looks totally menacing and as if he could really rip you limb from limb without breaking a sweat!

This is a tall miniature, not as tall as the very impressive Hulk model, but not too far off to be honest and it goes together like a dream.  Some comments have been made about the small parts on some of the Marvel Crisis Protocol kits, and I addressed this in my review of the Shuri and Okoye Expansion in some detail.  The smallest part on Venom is his knuckles that glues quite easily onto his fist, it is small but no more tricky to assemble than most of the other parts on the kit.

I really loved building this miniature, but loved painting it even more and to date this is my second favorite model in the entire range to paint, after Ultron (who I thought would be a nightmare after the problems I encountered building him).  I used contrast paints almost entirely during my paint job, starting with a coat of Black Templar which was then covered in a coat of Aethermatic Blue.  This worked really well and then I picked out the teeth with Guilliman Flesh and finally used White Scar to pick out the spider emblem on his chest and back!

Team Tactic Cards

The Venom Expansion comes with two brand new Team Tactics cards for use in your games.

Uneasy Allies: This is an unaffiliated card and is a reactive card.  Uneasy Allies allows Spider-Man and Venom to work together.  During activation when Spider-Man or Venom targets an enemy within range 2 of the other character, both may suffer one wound to play Uneasy Allies and add 3 dice to the attack roll!

Lethal Protector: This is a reactive card and unaffiliated. When an enemy targets an allied character within range 3 of Venom for 2 power he may play this card and becomes the target of attack regardless of range or LOS.  This plays almost identically to the Bodyguard ability with the exception that you place Venom within range 1 of the allied character, essentially giving him a free move!

Venom’s Character Card

Venom is not a character to be taken lightly, he is a tank and can take a lot of punishment in combat, as such his card reflects this pretty well.

Stamina. Venom begins the game with a pretty healthy stamina of 6, after all he is a pretty huge and imposing creature that stands around eight feet tall.  When he takes enough damage to flip his card, his stamina goes up by one to 7!

Movement. Venom is quite slow when it comes to movement and has Short movement

Size. Venom is well above human size coming in at 3.

Threat. Venom is a force of nature and comes in at a Threat of 5

Defense. Venom is a mixed bag when it comes to defense and has a Physical of 4, Energy of 2 and Mystic defense of 3.

Abilities and Powers

Symbiote Tendrils: This is a Physical attack that has a range of 3, damage of 5 and power cost of 0. Once this attack is resolved Venom gains power equal to the damage he dealt out.  Also this attack leaves the target with the Bleed special condition!

We are Venom:  This is a Physical attack that has a range of 3 and deals 7 damage at a cost of 3 power.  We are Venom causes Venom to remove 1 damage from himself for each point of damage inflicted.

Klyntar Rage (Active): This power costs 3 power and allows Venom to choose an interactive terrain feature or enemy of size 3 or less and within range 2 and throw it Medium.  This power can only be used once per turn!

Web Snare:  (Active): This power costs 2 power  to use and an enemy character within range 4 of Venom is pushed Medium towards Venom. This power can only be used once per turn!

So Many Snacks (Reactive): After and attack against Venom has made and it is resolved, for 2 power Venom may use this power, if the attacker is within range 3 Venom make make and attack against the attacker. This power can only be used once per turn

Symbiote Instincts (Innate): Defending characters can not modify their defense dice when attacked by Venom!

Wallcrawler (Innate):  Venom treats terrain as if he was size 5 for moving!



What can you say about Venom?  Well he is pretty much a tank, he can mop up other characters with relative ease and can heal damage done to him with his We Are Venom attack! He may not be the fastest model on the board, but like Crossbones there are ways around that and if played correctly Venom can very easily become the MVP of the match.

Use him for keeping a hold of objectives due to the aforementioned We Are Venom with its long range, also Symbiote Instincts will keep players on their toes as they will be unable to modify their defense dice against his attacks.

Combine Venom with Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus for some really fun games and throw in Crossbones for a wonderful One-Two punch combo and your laughing!

Nuff Said


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