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Atomic Mass Games excellent Marvel Crisis Protocol has really invigorated a lot of gamers to new levels, with great gameplay and astonishing looking miniatures.  It’s a very much in demand game that has a lot of potential.

One of the key things about Marvel Crisis Protocol is its scale. Coming in at just shy of 40mm, the game literally stands head and shoulders above many other tabletop systems and as such a bigger scale needs bigger scaled terrain.

While the buildings in the core set and the New York City Terrain Expansion are really detailed and fit the scale perfectly, you may want a little more variety to add to your table and with the scale being as large as it is, regular wargaming buildings and terrain for most other systems will be too small and look out of place with the larger hero miniatures.

There are a few options available however, from building your own from foam core or card, too MDF buildings or even 3D printing your own!

While there is a vast range of MDF buildings available from some awesome companies, not many are the correct scale and we need to think bigger.

For Marvel Crisis Protocol we need to look at something that will fit 40mm sized miniatures and the ideal solution comes not from the worlds of wargaming and tabletop gaming, but from another very popular hobby, model railway!

There are a lot of scales in the model railway hobby much like wargaming, from the really tiny such as the Z or TT gauge ( 1:120) right up to the huge G gauge (1:20) trains used mostly for outdoor layouts. Each scale has its fans and on the whole it tends to be the smaller HO gauge (1:87) that remains the most popular.

HO gauge is too small for our needs but there is a scale that lies somewhere in the middle that is just perfect for terrain in the right size and that is O gauge (1:48). While this is a niche market in itself there are many who do collect O gauge and as such there is a market for realistic looking buildings out there.

On the whole these buildings tend to be railroad sheds or sidings but there are.a few companies that do some spectacular O gauge regular style buildings and one of these is Ameri Towne!Ameri-Towne Real Estate Office Kit

Ameri Towne specialises in O gauge buildings and accessories for the model railway community and makes a whole range of buildings from banks and hotels too factories and beyond.  The buildings look fantastic and have some excellent detail on them and many come with accessories to being them to life such as clear plastic for the windows or facades to place behind those windows to give the illusion of depth and a place that is lived in!

The Ameri Towne Real Estate Office is one such building and I recently managed to get my hands on one and here is my look and thoughts.

The Ameri Towne Real Estate Office is a multi part plastic model kit that needs assembly before use. The kit is made up from six 7 plastic injection moulded parts, modelled in a brick red colour, a grey plastic roof piece, two steps parts and comes with an optional brass rail for the steps.

Each of the parts is extremely well cast and detailed and looks like the style of building you would find in most towns or cities in North America. If you plan on recreating a game set in a busy metropolis or even small Town America then Ameri Towne is an ideal starting point for you!

Construction is fairly simple and straightforward, though the kit comes without instructions and you will need to download these from the link provided on a sheet within the box.

The five page instruction booklet is more of a guide on how to paint the model and get the best results, with most of the model being very simple to put together.

Although this is a pretty simple kit in theory, it can be pretty demanding as the walls didn’t fit flush with each other without a few issues. Firstly the walls went in perfectly but the roof wouldn’t sit in place correctly and after pulling the kit apart and trying to get it to go flush numerous times without success, I handed it over to Kenny from 6s2Hit who managed to get everything as flush as possible, and even then we had to cut and file off the corners on the side pieces.

This was a real shame as the kit is perfect for Marvel Crisis Protocol, but once it is filled and painted it won’t really show that much. I must however stress the point that is down to user error and not to the actual build of the kit, if time is taken and care you shouldn’t have any real problems at all.

The whole kit has a 6″ × 6″ footprint when its assembled and stands about 4″ tall! This kit doesn’t come with a pavement or sidewalk, but these are available directly from the companies website below.

This kit is designed to be used as a wide number of basic buildings from the real estate office to a bank or post office or town hall, and the website has some excellent signs to print out and use on your building no matter what you decided to go for in the end.

There are also a number of optional extras available from the website that feature cornice details to further customise the building and you can also add parts from other kits in the range to add other effects such as vents or water towers.

This is an excellent model and the perfect scale for Marvel Crisis Protocol and as such ideal for the game.  Sadly living in the United Kingdom it’s quite difficult to get O gauge buildings and Ameri Towne doesn’t seem to have a UK supplier or stockists.  You can always order directly from the company and scour Amazon or Ebay if you live in Europe, but most railway hobby shops and stores in the US should be able to get Ameri Towne in to order.

Highly Recommended

Amazon UK 

OGR Publishing INC


Visit Images copyright OGR Publishing INC for more excellent buildings and accessories


Images copyright OGR Publishing INC all rights reserved

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I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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