Shadow of Mogg – A Post-Brexit RPG Zine

I often report on Kickstarters here on Gamers Web as they are a good way for new companies and enterprises to get a foothold into an already busy industry.  Its even better to report on them when its a friend doing it, so please check out this new post Brexit roleplaying game by my friendContinue reading “Shadow of Mogg – A Post-Brexit RPG Zine”

The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms Pre-order is live!

The pre orders for the upcoming Skyrim based miniatures game The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms from our good friends at Modiphius Entertainment are now finally live.  Check out some of these amazing looking miniatures and a sneak peak at how the game plays on the videos!

Leauge of Infamy Late Pledges. Mantic Games

In board games and table top games, its normally the good guys who are the main focus, from knights to space marines, they often get the limelight of attention, while the orcs, evil wizards and such are shunned to the background.