Mystical previews. Atomic Mass Games

Over the past couple of days, Atomic Mass Games have been showing off a couple of sneak peek previews of upcoming models for the excellent Marvel Crisis Protocol miniatures game.

Taking to Facebook and Twitter recently the first image teased was that of Doctor Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe.

The image only shows a tantalising glimpse at the model that comes with what appears to be a large mandela which the model is floating behind.

With Doctor Strange yesterday and today we got a full look at his faithful companion and aide Wong.

Both characters will add a much needed mystical element to the game, and this may also hint a future Ultimate Encounters such as Dormamu or Nightmare further down the line.


Just previewed by Atomic Mass Games is the full reveal of Doctor Strange, a totally awesome looking model!

By the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak this is a good miniature

Hopefully this weeks transmission over on Twitch TV may shed some more light.

You can check out the weekly live stream from Atomic Mass Games over on Twitch at the link below.  It is every Thursday at 1pm PST/9pm GMT

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All images copyright Atomic Mass Games, All Rights Reserved!

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