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Marvel Crisis Protocol comes with a lot of stuff packed into its box, with dozens of cards, counters, tokens, and rulers to keep track of things, and sometimes it is difficult to keep all these safe without losing any. Sure you could keep them all in the box that the game came with and there are leftover ziplock bags from the miniatures, but they tend to not hold that many tokens and will fall apart after a few times of using them. What you need is something that is sturdy and robust enough to use and something that is not only small enough to fit into a games bag but allows you to carry everything needed for a great gaming session. Enter Battle Kiwi and their Battle Box designed for just such a purpose!

The Marvelous Battle Box is a third party item designed to keep all your tokens, cards and even dice safe and secure in one location.  Made from high quality MDF and measuring the Marvelous Battle Box is perfect for the contents of a core set of Marvel Crisis Protocol and even more.

The set includes:

1 x Battle Base Box for tokens, cards and dice
3 x Unit Trays (for 6 characters*)
1 x template and range ruler tray with VP & round tracking
1 x Engraved Cover lid

Here is my quick look under the hood of this awesome piece of kit!

This is very durable and high quality MDF that is going to withstand the rigours of day to day gaming and the whole thing is in sections and held in place with very small but Marvelous Battle Box. The magnets keep everything in their sections with ease and can withstand being shaken around in a bag with no problems.

The first thing one notices about the Marvelous Battle Box is the striking covers.  The box comes with two engraved designs for the moment, the Star Shield and the TentiSkull design allowing you to cheer on your favourite faction or team.  The Star Shield is based on the shield emblem of Captain America and radiates outwards majestically, while the TentiSkull design is its counterpart and based on the Hydra logo, though changed to avoid any problems with copyright.  Still that said you can tell immediately that it is Hydra despite the changes, and though the Marvelous Battle Box can be painted in any colour you wish, a great idea would be to use wood stain and give it an antique look which would really make the logo pop, whichever you decided upon!  The sticker that comes on the shrink wrap of the product also states a web design which would most likely indicate everybody’s favourite wall crawler Spider-Man at some point.

The Unit Trays are designed to hold two of the 6″ x 4″ character cards that accompany each character, and these sit very neatly into the designed reeses for each card.  While you could place cards with sleeves in with little problem, please note that the hard top loader cards will not fit so must be removed beforehand (see the video unboxing for further details).

At the side of each Unit tray is a slot to keep a track of power, wounds and other status effects for the character, which means that when the character gets flipped in combat and the card needs to be turned over, you wont have to mess around taking counters off, just simply turn the character card to its injured side.

The core Marvelous Battle Box comes complete with three of the Unit Trays which is enough to field most teams in the game, however extra trays are available directly from Battle Kiwi at additional cost.  With each tray having the magnets in the upper corners, you can stack these easily to a depth of five or more Unit Trays without any problems, this would be enough for every single character model in the core set!

Below the Unit Trays is the tray designed to keep track of all your victory points, round numbers and even keep the range and movement rulers safely secured for when needed.  No more messing around looking under books or terrain to see where the Range Two ruler is, as now its in a very convenient place!  Each of the four range rulers and three movement rulers has its own slot, which is slightly bigger to allow you to remove them, but not as big to allow them to rattle loose all the time.

At the top of the tray is the Victory Point counter which keeps track of points earned during play each round and uses a very neat Infinity Gauntlet that slots into the holes on the board and looks awesome.  The Infinity Gauntlet is again engraved and etched with a lot of detail and if I was to paint anything in this amazing set it would be this so that it really stands out as I plan to make mine look old and antique.  Finally running down the side of the tray is the Round counter which goes from 1-6 and keeps a track of the current round that you are playing.  Again the same magnets keep this secure in the box when needed and you can safely keep all your rulers in with no issues!

Finally the base of the box is where we get to store all of the counters, cards and dice for the core set of Marvel Crisis Protocol!  This is sectioned to allow you to keep counters separated and easily holds a full core sets worth of tokens and all the cards and around thirty dice (the core set comes with ten) and once again comes with the really cool magnets to keep the whole thing secure.

The entire Marvelous Battle Box will very easily fit into a games bag and looks far more impressive than turning up to an event with a plastic tub (which is what I have been doing) and is a must have for any player of Marvel Crisis Protocol.

The Marvelous Battle Box is not the only Battle Box that Battle Kiwi do however and they have a whole range of products for games such as Star Wars Legion, X-Wing, Guild Ball and Black Seas, and loads of other cool boxes, trays, storage solutions, tokens and terrain for a wide range of games in different genres of play!

Highly recommended

Check out the Battle Kiwi website by clicking the image below and my many, thanks go to the folks at Battle Kiwi and their help and support with this review!


Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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