Huge savings at Modiphius with Big Bundle Reductions.

Everyone loves a bargain right?  We often shop around and around till we can get that sweet deal on our favourite products and gamers really do love to get things cheaper than usual.

Right now our good friends at Modiphius Entertainment have some huge savings on their bundle deals that will allow you to get excellent value for money collections at a vastly reduced price!

From the Press Release

Today we’re delighted to announce Modiphius Big Bundle discounts, a special time limited promotion for our existing fans which allows you to capture some of our biggest bundles with hefty price reductions, some with over £100 off!
You can check out our Big Bundle discounts at the Big Bundle Collection and whether you enjoy Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, Star Trek Adventures, Conan, or John Carter of Mars, we’ve got some splendid discounts for you to enjoy.
We hope you’ll take a chance to grab yourself one of our big bundles, but make sure you hurry, the Big Bundle discounts is for a limited time only and they ends Monday 17th February 9am GMT.

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