Lets Get Ready To Rumble (again)! TT Combat

Its been a while now since I covered anything new for TT Combats amazing fantasy wrestling game Rumbleslam, with the last real coverage being the Luchador Halflings that I received as part of the Halfling kickstarter last year!

We sports fans do we have a treat for you.   Now available to preorder from the TT Combat store is a brand new edition of the Rumbleslam rulebook, updated to include new rules and dirty tricks, as well as not one but two new Rumbleslam rings, improved to allow you to customise them and even act as storage, and finally the release of the Lords of the Ring Halfling team finally to the general public.

I have been a  huge fan of Rumbleslam ever since I first got it, and even made it my Gamers Web ‘Game of the Year 2018‘ as I was that impressed.

The new rule book is 48 pages in glorious full colour and once again will give you everything you need to play this fast and fun family game in no time at all.  New rules and additions have been put in place after a lot of behind the scenes playtesting and tweaking and will include Moote Carlo a brand new Casino (which The Lords of the Ring hail from).  The rule book is available to pre-order right now and is a snip at just £10!

Joining the new edition of the rulebook is a revamped edition of the classic two-player starter set! The new starter set contains everything you will need to play Rumbleslam and is more or less the same as the last edition contents wise (see my Game of the Year review at the link at the top of the page), but of course, has some new twists to get you excited.  The brand new rulebook is included, along with resculpts of the two classic teams the Heavy Pounders and the Green Bruisers (my own personal favourite team to play!), but now all the miniatures are single cast, which means they are ready to rumble right out of the box!

Add to this the amazing hard plastic tokens, Rumbleslam dice and of course that gorgeous neoprene mat and you are in for a real treat! Available to preorder right now at just £45.00 so what are you waiting for?

The Lords of the Ring is the Luchador Halfling team that was part of the hugely popular kickstarter last year, but now finally available for everyone to use at last.  This team is made up of five Halflings and comes complete with a Halfling referee and they are extremely fast and agile and able to run rings around most opponents and still deliver some devastating attacks.  The miniatures are really detailed and cast and its a great addition to the ranks of the Rumbleslam game. You can preorder The Lords of the Ring now for just £22.00

Joining the Lords of the Ring we get our first Superstar player from the Moote Carlo Casino, Mushcles! A cute baby treeman, Mushcles is very much inspired by Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy and is the perfect Superstar to add to the Lords of the Ring.  The miniature was also only available as a kickstarter exclusive previously but is now available to pick up at just £6.00

Finally, we have not one, but two new versions of the Rumbleslam Ring!

The Championship Ring is a redesign of the already pretty awesome ring, that this time features removable turnbuckles to allow you to place the neoprene mat from the new boxed set (or any of the other mats from the range such as back alley) onto the ring, as you wish!  It also comes with elastic for the turnbuckles (thanks for listening TT Combat) and is very simple to assemble and fun to paint.  All this for just £16.00!

The Deluxe Championship Ring comes with everything that is detailed above, but also comes with a storage box that fits very neatly under the ring itself and can hold the contents of an entire two-player starter box, plus mat and a bit more, with ease.  At just £24.00 this is the perfect way to get into a really fun family game!

I hope to get a Deluxe Championship ring and the new two-player starter as soon as possible and will, of course, bring you a full review and breakdown sports fans.  In the meanwhile, all of these goodies are available to preorder from the TT Combat website right now! And to find out more about Rumbleslam and the history and background of this fun game why not visit the official site below!


Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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