Industrial Hive Sector 1 relaunch. TT Combat

There is no doubt that TT Combat makes some pretty awesome terrain and at affordable prices too. from the canals of Venice to the Wild West and far future, they have something for everyone.  Right now they are relaunched one of their best products which is ideal for games like Necromunda, Judge Dredd or Marvel Crisis Protocol.

This week we relaunch Sector 1 of the Industrial Hive range. The Industrial Hive is getting being and better!

The First Industrial Hive kits were extremely popular, released 2 years ago to great reception. In that time we’ve been improving them to make them even better. More modular, more stackable and integrates even better with the rest of the Industrial Hive Range.

First of all we have Industrial Hive Sector-1 Alpha Complex. This kit is made up of several parts as is common with the Hive now and is completely modular.

That’s a lot of kit for £26! Completely stackable and modular meaning you can lay it out exactly how you want.

Next up is the Sector 1 Beta Complex

Stackable, modular and plenty of gangways and platforms to fight over, and is once again completely compatibale with the entire Industrial Hive range.

All of this again for £26!

Finally we have the Walkways set.

As expected, fully compatible with the Industrial Hive range, this crafty kit allows you to add more platforms, stairs, ladders and pillars to your Hive. Absolutely perfect for adding as an extra to a couple of kits to grow the board even more.

All of that for only £14.

So that’s the new Hive upgrades done. As always, order today and we’ll get it shiiped as early as possible next week so you can get some games of Hive Based Skirmish games in next weekend!

And take a look at our entire Industrial Hive range if you want to make a truly mega sized Hive for your gaming needs.

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