Atomic Age Games 20th Century Brick Terrain Kickstarter Launches

There are a lot of companies out there making good quality MDF buildings for tabletop games, but not that many offering a range of buildings that are contempary and aimed at players of games such as Marvel Crisis Protocol.

Sure a few companies do offer some great modern-day buildings, but what is really missing from Marvel Crisis Protocol is that lived-in feel of a thriving city or town.  Enter Atomic Age Games and their all-new Kickstarter Campaign which has just gone live.

Featuring loads of buildings and options to allow you to build your own mini cityscape on your tabletop

, this is an ideal time to jump on board and grab yourself a bargain, as well as helping support a great company and idea.

Take a look through the gallery and check out for yourself at the quality of these awesome looking MDF buildings.

With buldings being both in their natural state and as ruins, this makes a perfect place to build up that table for games like Marvel Crisis Protocol and Batman Miniatures, and even The Walking Dead.

Banks and Pizzerias too Gunshops and Diners, check out this amazing kickstarter by clicking on the banner below! Good luck to Kieren


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All images copyright Atomic Age Games All Rights Reserved.

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