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When it comes to basing miniatures there are a lot of options out there, as many perhaps as there are miniature companies, and while there is no right or wrong way to base the models you have toiled over for hours, there are companies that can help give you realistic looking bases and not break the bank!

Enter Gamers Grass.  Hailing from Portugal, Gamers Grass offer a very wide and extensive range of static grasses, flocks and tufts to enhance your models, as well as some ready to use, pre-painted bases that look outstanding!

Recently the wonderful folks at Gamers Grass sent me a selection of their Tuft range to have a look at and I am very impressed.  The video covers my look at each of the samples, but I wanted to break things down a little more.


There are lots of ways to use tufts on your miniatures, from enhancing the look of the bases, to adding them to dioramas and other terrain features such as buildings or roads.  These small blobs come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes, ranging from the very tiny 2mm tufts ideal for smaller scales such as 15mm, right up to the huge 12mm tufts which are perfect for dioramas and terrain features.

Each range comes in its own clamshell case and features between 20 and 100 tufts that are all self adhesive and will stick directly to the bases of your models without the need to use glue.  Simple to apply, just choose the clump you wish to put on your base, remove it from its backing sheet and put it in place on the miniature.  With a little pressure on the tuft using the top of a paint brush you can make sure that it gets a very secure bond to the models base and isn’t likely to get caught on anything that will loosen it or dislodge it from the miniature. Gamers Grass do recommend that a drop of PVA glue could be added to the base before you use the tufts if you think that they are likely to come off and always a good recommendation with tufts and static grasses is to add some watered down PVA after everything is in place anyway as it helps secure and protect them from accidental damage!

Beige XL (12mm)

Beige 12mm

These are the largest tufts currently in the range and are ideal for large miniatures such as giants or dreadnoughts, etc, and perfect for adding to your scenic dioramas and terrain.  Coming in at 12mm they are pretty big and on a normal wargames miniature would look out of place unless the figure was crouching behind them. The pack contains 36 12mm tufts.  (click on the image to go directly to this product)

Autumn (5mm)

Autumn 5mm

Nature doesn’t tend to do uniform very often, and as such when you look at grass its isn’t always necessarily the same colour.  You will often find dark patches of green, or light hues of yellow or even white in nature, and as such its a good idea to mix things up on bases to give a more natural look.  The Autumn tufts are ideal to use with darker or lighter static grasses or tufts and go from a very dark green to almost sand in colour and look very much like grass that is dying or about to die off for the season.  Unlike a lot of companies that produce static grasses and tufts, theses from Gamers Grass are not just uniform blobs, with the shape of the tufts being irregular, some are round, others are angled and some in none distinct patterns.   These will be good on most fantasy and science fiction models and can add a lot of depth to terrain features such as roads or rooftops. The pack contains 70 5mm Winter Tufts. (click on the image to go directly to this product)

Winter (5mm)

Winter 5mm

If the Autumn tufts look like they are about to die off for the season, then the Winter ones are truly dead.  Again these tufts have irregular shapes and will look excellent on any winter or ice themed miniature or terrain feature.  They are light almost to the point of being translucent and would look great on a snow setting such as Frostgrave or a Hoth trooper for Star Wars Legion. The pack contains 70 5mm Winter Tufts. (click on the image to go directly to this product)

Tiny Dark Moss (2mm)

Tiny Tufts Dark Moss 2mm

If the larger tufts are too big for your standard base, you may want to try the Tiny Tufts set which as the name suggests, contains very tiny tufts! Each coming in at 2mm in height and come in a variety of colours like most of the range of Gamers Grass tufts.  These wee tufts are ideal for putting on your miniatures base, and can be put on rock outcrops to add an extra touch of realism to them. The Tiny Tufts come in packs of 700 giving you great value and its far easier to use tufts this small, than to try and cut an existing tuft in half! . (click on the image to go directly to this product)

Highland Tuft Set

Highland Tuft set

Finally we have the Highland Tuft set which features a mixture of tufts in different lengths and styles to give a very realistic look to your miniatures or terrain.  The set contains 1 Autumn 5mm, 1 Mixed Green 6mm, 1 Light Green 4mm, 1 Dark Moss 2mm and finally 1 Yellow Flowers.  The flowers add a lovely touch of colour to the pack and look very natural.  This is an excellent value pack that will give you a large amount of variety when modelling your bases or miniatures.  The pack contains 175mm tufts and flowers of various sizes (click on the image to go directly to this product)


Overall these are an excellent value product that offers the modeller a great choice when it comes to adding a dash of reality to their miniatures or terrain.  They are ideal for most ranges of miniatures, from historical to science fiction or fantasy and Gamers Grass also do a range of tufts and flowers in blues and purples that are very otherworldly looking and would be perfect for any science fiction miniature range.

My many thanks to João from Gamers Grass for his help with this review. You can purchase any of the products seen in the review by clicking on the images above and don’t forget to check out the full site by clicking the banner below.

Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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