Atomic Age Games 20th Century Brick Terrain Kickstarter Update

Great news from Atomic Age Games about their kickstarter, which is extremely close to being fully funded. Here are some add ons

So we have added a whole host of add on goodness into the mix and hopefully, this gives us the little push we need to be fully funded, inside you will find the first of our new sign packs, some broken walls for converting the interiors range into slightly more damaged shops and pledges and buildings available separately for those wanting a few more.

Firstly, these broken walls can be added to any of the interiors range of building and line up with a lot of the damage on the ruined buildings to allow adventurers to take short cuts through buildings. In this set you get four walls, two for upper floors and two for ground floors!

Secondly, we have the new signs pack, this allows you to get multiples of the buildings and completely change the function of each shop! Here we have the book store now turned into a Toy Shop!

Well, that wraps up this update, please help spread the word of the Kickstarter and try and help get us to our goal, we will have some more add ons for you!

Click the banner to pledge


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