Atomic Age Games 20th Century Brick Terrain Kickstarter Update 2

The Atomic Age Games 20th Century Buildings kickstarter is almost fully funded, and Kieran has just released a whole new set of addons and images of whats coming up.  There is still time to back the campaign and save yourself some money in the process too!

From the Update!

Here we have two new building packs, as you can see its the same 4 buildings in ruins and interiors (don’t worry shells are on the way).

So here we have 2 larger buildings each with external play allowing for a differing game dynamic when exploring those interiors.

As well as two much smaller buildings measuring in at 144mmx174mm these neat little buildings make great space savers to either squeeze another alleyway in between bigger buildings or even to plug up a gap at the end of a street.

The ruined ones also have handy holes lending through them that when lined up with the other buildings from the ruins range make great little shortcuts, one even goes around a corner!

I hope you like what you see! As always let us know what you want to see from the range and thank you for your support!

Click the logo below to go and visit the Kickstarter page!

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