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Ever since I was a small child I have been fascinated with Norse mythology!  I learned the names of the Norse Pantheon before I could read and my grandfather used to read me stories of how the Norse Gods ruled the realms and how the Vikings worshiped them.

Add to this growing up with a staple diet of movies like The Vikings and an almost unearthly obsession with Longboats (I lost count of the number of models I had but it was well over twenty!) and Norse mythos has played a major part in my life.

If you have read any of my posts on my childhood growing up here on Gamers Web you will no doubt know that I am dyslexic (sorry for any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes Grammarly only can do so much) and until I was seven I couldn’t read or write.  It was comic books that really opened the world up for me and while I loved Spider-Man as a young boy, I was totally obsessed with Thor!

Marvel Comics have had the Norse God in their ranks for many decades now, and over the years he has evolved and grown as a character and has given us some of the best storylines in the history of this illustrious tome.  And now Thor and his fellow Asgardians are getting the love and attention they justly deserve from Atomic Mass Games as they are introduced as an all new faction within their excellent game Marvel Crisis Protocol!

As with my other reviews I will take a look at the models and cards in my unboxing at the link below and give a brief recap on the characters, as well as break down their cards and offer my own thoughts on how best to use them in your games of Marvel Crisis Protocol!  So let us kick off with the big fella himself!



Although the myths and stories of Thor the Norse God of Thunder have been around for many hundreds of years, when it came to selling the characters of old in comic book form certain liberties had to be taken.  Making his first appearance in Journey into Mystery #83 (August 1962) recreated by the legends that were Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and Larry Lieber (who is sadly all to often overlooked), the character was still grandiose as befitting a deity but had slight changes to the character.  Firstly he had a mortal form in that of Donald Blake a crippled doctor who would come across a cane that when struck imbued Blake with the power of the Thunderer Thor!  Its more in-depth than that really and I could go into real detail about how the character came into being, but needless to say he was very popular and would become a founding member of the Avengers in the comics, as well as undergo many changes in the past fifty plus years!

Thor is more than a man and more than a god, yet neither!  He is often complex and often brash, but can be wise and heroic and fair at times.  The characters evolution really came to the forefront when Walt Simonson began his long run on the comics back in 1983 and he injected more of the old tales of the Norse gods into the comics.

Thor is powerful, stronger than most other characters in the Marvel pantheon and is extremely long lived.  He is skilled in nearly every form of hand to hand combat and a weapon master with dozens of different styles and techniques.  With his enchanted Uru hammer Mjolnir he is truly a force of nature to be reckoned with!



Valkyrie is one of the strongest warriors on all of Asgard, a Shield Maiden to Odin the All Father of the Gods, Brynhildr is as deadly as she is beautiful.  Often depicted with long braided golden hair, that flies around her as she lungs with her enchanted sword Dragonfang, and the creation of Roy Thomas and John Buscema, Valkyrie made her debut in the comics in The Avengers #83 (December 1970) and has been a fan favourite ever since.

She has been an on again off again love interest of Thor for many years, and has fought alongside The Avengers, Defenders and Asgardians and can trace her roots back to the Norse stories of the Valkyrie tales of old, when they would take the honoured dead from battlefields to the Longboat Lodges in Valhalla as honoured dead!

An excellent swordswoman and skilled in all forms of combat, she is a long time friend and ally of Thor.  Possessing otherworldly strength and stamina and being long lived as an Asgardian Valkyrie is a powerhouse in combat!


The Miniatures

And so we come to another all new faction for Marvel Crisis Protocol, The Asgardians!  They are gods among men and as such need miniatures to represent such a fact!

Thor is a beefy fella, and stands majestically on his base, hand raised high as he uses Mjolnir to call down lightning on anyone foolish to cross the Thunderer.

This is a perhaps the most dramatic model in the entire range so far and perfectly captures the comic book look of the character from the late 90s run on the comics.  He is wearing his traditional cloak, and even has his winged helmet!

The facial detail is pretty amazing and such a great sculpt and by far one of the stand out characters in the entire range of Marvel Crisis Protocols yet and his assembly is thankfully very straight forward and simple, with no real difficulties even for a novice modeller and gamer!

This is a tall and imposing miniature that stands much taller than most of the other heroes and villains in the game, Hulk, Modok and Ultron excepted of course, but he towers way above the likes of Crossbones and Captain America!

Valkyrie is another lovely looking miniature that goes together with no real issues, though her head is moulded in three parts which are pretty fiddly, but wasn’t to much of an issue.  Valkyrie is modelled after her comic book image like most of the characters in the game, rather than that of Tessa Thompson from the movies.

Faction Card

The Faction Card for the Asgardian Faction is listed below.

  • Thor Prince of Asgard (Leader)
  • Hela Queen of Hel
  • Loki God of Mischief
  • Valkyrie
  • Angela

Crisis Card

The Thor and Valkyrie expansion also comes with its own Crisis Card detailed below

Fear Grips World as “Worthy” Terrorize Cities! This is a 18 Threat Extraction mission which sees you placing four Celestial Hammer tokens as shown on map card D.  Characters must interact to pick up a Celestial Hammer and once they have it they must pay an additional 1 power per Celestial Hammer they are holding to play Team Tactic cards.  Each Celestial Hammer held grants 1 Victory Point during the cleanup phase of the game!

Team Tactic Cards

The Thor and Valkyrie Expansion comes with two brand new Team Tactics cards for use in your games.

Odin’s Blessing: This card is a reactive card that if an allied Asgardian character is about to be damaged by an enemy effect, they may spend 3 power and reduce the damage suffered to 1!

Thunderwave: This is an active card and must meet specific criteria to be played.  If Thor is within Range 1 of an allied Captain America, they may both spend 2 power to play this card.  The attack is a Beam 5 range attack, with a damage of 6 which is measured from Captain America!

Thor Character Card

Thor is the rightful prince of Asgard and as such is the leader of the faction, which is denoted on his character card.  This is a quick break down of Thor’s character card

Stamina. Thor begins the game with stamina of 6, and once he has taken enough damage to flip he has a further 8 stamina!

Movement. Thor has average speed for his size and his movement is Medium

Size. While he is still a god, Thor is a human-size coming in at 2.

Threat. Thor has a threat level of 5 which makes him a good choice as a heavy hitter character in your roster.

Defense. Thor has an excellent defense against physical and energy of 4 and just slightly weaker against mystical at 3

Strike: This is a physical attack that has a range of 2, damage of 6 and power cost of 0. After the attack is resolved, the character gains power equal to damage dealt. On a wild the character throws any character size 4 or smaller short before damage is dealt

Hammer Throw:  A physical attack that has a range of 5 and deals 5 damage at a cost of 1 power.  Hammer Throw causes the Shock special condition!

God of Thunder:  An energy attack that has a range of A2 and deals 7 damage at a cost of 6 power.  This is an Area effect attack details of which can be found in the rule book!

Prince of Asgard (Affiliation Asgard!): At the start of each of your turns, one allied character may spend 1 power and remove 1 damage or special condition from their character.  Each allied character may do this once per round. This is Thor’s leadership ability.

For Asgard:  (Active): This power costs 3 power to use and an Action. This character may immediately make a move action, followed by a Strike attack action, if this deals at least 1 damage, the target gains the Stagger special condition.  Can only be used once per turn

Strongest Avenger (Active): Choose an interactive terrain feature within range 2 nd of size 4 or less and for a cost of 3 power it may be thrown Medium.  Can only be used once per turn.

Asgardian (Innate): All characters with this trait gain an additional power during the assign power phase each turn.

Flight (Innate): This character can fly and is treated as size 5 for crossing terrain features

The only difference between Thor’s healthy and damaged sides is that he games 2 more stamina once he is damaged!

Valkyrie Character Card

The second character card in the expansion is Valkyrie.  Valkyrie is a formidable character with a sword and a natural fighter and her great Asgardian physique makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Stamina. Valkyrie begins with a Stamina of 6 which flips over to 5 once shes damaged enough to do so.

Movement. Valkyrie moves at Medium, making her a pretty fast character.

Size. Valkyrie is a human-size coming in at 2.

Threat. Valkyrie has a Threat of 3 which puts her as an average character

Defense. Valkyrie has an average defense with physical, energy and mystical all at 3.

Abilities and Powers

Strike This is a Physical attack that has a range of 2, damage of 5 and power cost of 0. Once the attack is resolved the character gains power equal to that dealt!

Dragon Fang :  This is a physical attack that has a range of 2 and deals 7 damage at a cost of 3 power. After the attack is resolved the target character gains the Bleed special condition.  On a roll of a wild, the attack gains Flurry which allows the character to make another Strike attack.

Asgardian Might (Active):  Chose an interactive terrain feature within range 2 and of size 2 or less and for 2 power it may be thrown Small.  This power may only be used once per turn.

Charge!: (Active):  This costs  2 power and an action to use. The character may make a move action followed by an attack action, this superpower can only be used once per turn.

Warrior of Legend!:  (Active): This may be played fro 2 power, during the next attack made by this character this turn, it may change on die to a for each critical or wild in its attack roll.

Asgardian (Innate): All characters with this trait gain an additional power during the assign power phase each turn!

The only change to Valkyries card once flipped is her reduction from 6 to 5 stamina.


So what can I say about the Asgardians!  The stats alone speak for themselves and Thor and Valkyrie are both pretty much powerhouses when it comes to giving out damage, and both can soak up a lot of damage before they eventually flip.  Thor alone is an awesome character to take in your roster and the fact that he is getting an extra power per turn due to his Asgardian ability means that some of his powers are pretty easy to use right from the off.  Valkyrie is the sleeper here with her Charge ability which makes her pretty deadly especially if shes racked up enough power to use Dragon Fang as her attack and rolls a wild!  That flurry could see her mincing through enemies very quickly, making her something to be watched out for.

Thor is bound to be a bullet magnet, much like Black Panther, your opponent will see that hes on the table and want to try and get him out of the picture as soon as possible. That is easier said than done, thanks to his whopping 14 health before hes out for good, and add to that his higher than average defense, an extra power each turn and the ability to remove damage or special conditions due to his leadership ability and he really is something else indeed.

Both Thor and Valkyrie are excellent together, but to really get the most out of them, you will need to have Loki and Hela in your roster and if the Crisis allows it, equip Loki with the Mind Gem, this is a lot of points to put in but the rewards will show themselves very quickly.  Asgardians getting an extra power each turn, along with Loki getting another extra power for the Mind Gem and things start to get fun very quickly.

Hela gains extra abilities each time someone is dazed or KO’d so having her in your force makes perfect sense, especially seeing as Thor can really lay down some serious damage!  This a very cohesive unit that works well together with a great rate of speed to seize and take objectives quickly and deny other characters from taking them back.

As you may have seen above, there is a character in the roster called Angela, who you may not be familiar with.  Created by comics legends Todd McFarlane and Neil Gaiman, Angela is the long lost sister of Thor, something that was melded into the Hela character in the Thor Ragnarok movie.  She is the daughter of Odin and his wife Freya and was raised in the realm of Heven (literally Heaven and she is an Angel!) and after fearing her dead, the All-Father cut the ties that bind Heven to Yggdrasil and the Tenth Realm was lost forever.  Of course comics being comics she wasn’t dead and would come back to join her brother in the fight against Ultron!

While nothing has been revealed yet about the character in Marvel Crisis Protocol, in the comics she is a formidable warrior and bounty hunter, is faster than lightning (literally has super speed), is super strong and can fly.  Just what will cross over into the game is still up in the air but she will make an excellent addition to the Asgardian forces.

So if you don’t want to field a full roster of god like beings you could always take Thor with Captain America and use his Thunderwave ability, just like in the movies!

Till next time!

Nuff Said


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