Stay in and paint sale is LIVE! Turbo Dork

With many of us being stuck in self isolation at the moment, a few games companies are offering great savings and discounts so you don’t go stir crazy and right now you can save a whopping 15% off the entire paint range from our friends over at Turbo Dork.

Stay in and paint sale is LIVE!

Now through March 31st, we are taking 15% off all paints and all paint bundles! We know you have a backlog of grey, so get to painting!

We want to take a moment to share some updates about what Team Turbo Dork is doing during this time. Turbo Dork is a small business run by Greg and Meredith, with two part-time employees Richard and Victor. We are taking extreme caution when making, bottling, and shipping paint. We always wear gloves and masks during the making and bottling process, and we are extending that to packing and shipping as well. If any of us or our staff becomes sick, we/they will stay home.

Thank you for continuing to believe in us!
That’s all folks!

Please tag us in your projects with @turbdork or #turbodork so we can see what you have made. Thanks from Meredith and I over here at Team Turbo Dork, and Happy Painting!

Greg De Stefano

Commissar of Color

Team Turbo Dork

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