Giant Savings. Crooked Dice Games Design Studio

Karl and the folks over at Crooked Dice don’t seem to slow down, with a slew of great releases already out to celebrate the tenth birthday of the company a week or so ago, we now get word of another excellent looking release and its pretty giant!

Okay, pun intended but this miniature will be pretty huge and is due for release on April 18th, and will come with a few optional extras, including two extra heads, a belt of accessories and its own base! Sculpted by the very talented John Pickford, check out the painted images from the ever-excellent Kev Dallimore below and set jaws to stunned!

This huge resin beast will retail for a mere £60.00 from our good friends at Crooked Dice, but on Saturday April 18th you can take advantage of their Gaint Salute Special and get the model for £50.00! Head over to the Crooked Dice store and pick yourself up a huge bargain!

The Gaint will feature in a joint conjunction with Edge Hill University Press and will be a part of 7TV Fantasy which is due for release at UK Games Expo 2021!  You can read more about this exciting project at the link below!

7TV Fantasy Is Coming

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