Free rules for Kings of War 3 Edition. Mantic Games

Some great news from Ronnie and the boys over at Mantic HQ, check it out!

It’s time for another of our isolation freebies and this time it’s a BIG one! The free rules for Kings of War: Third Edition are now available to download from the Mantic website.

Inside you’ll find all the core rules required to play your first game and two sample army lists to take for a test drive. You can read more about the free rules in this informative blog here (note: it does contain a fun GIF of a sloth, as if you needed any more excuses to check it out).

Or, if you want to dive in and start downloading the free rules straight away, just click the button below. Please note, you will need an account for the website to download the rules.


Once the free rules inspire you to start your journey into Pannithor, then we’re pleased to announce the core rulebook is currently discounted on the website. This mighty tome contains all the rules, 12 scenarios, magical artefacts, full army lists for 14 factions and more lore than ever before.


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