Here there be Giants! Games Workshop

Like so many other games events, Salute was canceled this weekend, meaning that many new ranges or items that would have normally been showcased for the first time, didn’t see the light of day.
Some companies have already addressed this by previewing new and upcoming products on their websites and Games Workshop has been ahead of the curve for a few weeks now.

While it may not have been a Salute planned unveiling, the company recently posted details of an all-new faction for its Warhammer Age of Sigmar fantasy combat game, and they look amazing!

The Sons Of Behemat will be a part of a new faction in the upcoming Battletome

Made up from the Gatebreaker, Warstomper, and Kraken-eater, these Gargants are huge walking machines of destruction and an army in their own right to boot!

These amazing models will be packed with tonnes of extras and can be used as an army in their own right or join another force in the fight for the Mortal Realms and should be available to pre order very soon.

Head over to the Community page for more details.

Warhammer Community

All images copyright Games Workshop, All Rights Reserved!

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