TT Combat update and Exclusives. TT Combat

As I mentioned in a post last week, a lot of games companies use large games shows to showcase new miniatures or offer deals to their loyal customers and with most shows now cancelled for the foreseeable future, some smart companies are offering these deals directly during a short window.

While the majority of companies in the industry are either in lockdown, working remotely from home or only supplying a small range via mail order, some are starting to slowly claw their way back and return to some semblance of normality.

The guys at TT Combat recently made a great announcement and are offering some exclusive models for your collections of Carnevale, Dropfleet Commander, Dropzone Commander and Rumbleslam.  Check out the details below.

From the announcement

To celebrate re-opening the TTCombat webstore (albeit with reduced staff), we’re making all our show exclusives available!

Unfortunately, we’ve all had to miss out on a bunch of cool events already this year, with more surely to follow. To help everyone stay safe and stay indoors, we’re letting you pick up any of our show exclusives from the comfort of your chair!

Plague Doctress for Carnevale 

Pungari Thresher for Dropfleet Commander

Brains Babe Round Girl for Rumbleslam

Columbus Battle Walker for Dropzone Commander

These Exclusives will be available until May 1st, along with a few other show exclusives so head on over now and grab yourself some great models! Click the image below to go to the site.

All images copyright TT Combat All Rights Reserved

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