Uncertain Scenery Modular Game Boards

Wargames terrain comes in all shapes and sizes and materials, but one of the most popular of recent years is made from MDF.

This lightweight and versatile board can be worked into all sorts of shapes if you have the right skills and the guys at Uncertain Scenery certainly have those in spades.  Just out now is this awesome roadway that is ideal for games like Judge Dredd, Marvel Crisis Protocol, Batman Miniatures Game, Infinity, and many other contemporary miniature tabletop games out there.

What more can one say other than WOW! This is a beast of a games board and will easily be a talking point of any games table.  There are a wide range of sizes and styles for the sections (with the double-height sections being the largest coming in at 304mm x 152mm x 150mm) and each of these sections can be built up to make a huge central games board in many different configurations and start at a very reasonable price that is both practical and affordable.

The fact these pieces are modular will give you a huge scope of customisation and control over your table and each is made up from high-grade MDF of various thicknesses and other accessories can be added to give even more detail, such as ladders and inspection hatches.

Hopefully, I should have a board very soon for Marvel Crisis Protocol, but in the meantime, you can check out these excellent products at the Uncertain Scenery website by clicking the image below and why not check them out on Facebook and Instagram too.  Right now Uncertain Scenery are offering a 10% isolation discount on orders over £30, and as well as these great boards they have a whole range of other excellent products to chose from, so head on over and grab yourself a really cool board!

All images copyright Uncertain Scenery All Rights Reserved!

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