Marvel Crisis Protocol Painting Guides. Deathwatch Studios

There is no doubt that the Marvel Crisis Protocol miniatures are popular, every week loads of people tune into the Atomic Mass Games live streams on Twitch. 

There are many ways to paint your miniature and the live streams often feature AMG’s own Dollar Kemp or Will Shick bringing you some important hints and tips on how to get the best from your miniatures.

While this is excellent and highly appreciated by all, sometimes you need that little bit more help when it comes to painting your heroes and villains and this is where a painting guide is a must-have.

Enter Mr. Andy Leighton, former Games Workshop employee and one of the best miniature painters in the industry. You may find the name familiar if you read Tabletop Gaming Magazine each month as Andy offers his awesome, easy to follow painting guides, and now he is offering them for you!

As you can see from the images, Andy has an amazing knack of capturing that comic book feel perfectly.

You can check out the painting guides for Marvel Crisis Protocol and many other games over at Deathwatch Studios right now! And check out Andy’s competitive painting commission services too.

Deathwatch Studios

All images copyright Deathwatch Studios All Rights Reserved.

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