Bloodfields Kickstarter Now Live. Titan-Forge Miniatures

As I reported yesterday, the Bloodfields Kickstarter campaign from Titan-Forge Miniatures is now live!  As an existing pateron member of Titan-Forge, I can wholeheartedly recommend their excellent range of miniatures.#staysafe, #stayhomeplaygames, #stayhomesavelives

From the Campaign

Welcome to the first tabletop skirmish wargame system that you can print entirely on your home 3D printer!

Back us today and download over 100 ready-to-print fantasy models! You will easily turn the pre-supported STL files into physical miniatures for all purposes you can imagine. 3D printing has never been more simple!

Bloodfields wargame will keep on living long after this Kickstarter campaign ends. Digital models, the universality of 3D printers, and the web app will allow Bloodfields to expand MONTHLY. To guarantee it, we will use our Patreon page. It will be a source of new models, rules, scenarios, and serve as a basic instrument for the community.

See what we have for you on the biggest 3D Printing Patreon today! Learn more in a further section or visit now!

To make everything as simple as possible there are only two pledge levels.

 Starter Set! Pledge now and get:

  • All STL models from three starter warbands: Knights, Elves, and Orcs.
  • BLOODFIELDS rules, character cards, scenarios, and mobile app.
  • All STL models of terrain miniatures.
  • All STL models of accessories.
  • All unlocked stretch goals!

 Full Collection! Pledge now and get:

  • All the content from the Starter Set.
  • All 6 additional warbands: Dragon Empire, Demons, Dwarfs, Vampires, Amazons, and Ogres.

You can also create a custom pledge with just the warbands you prefer. For that, see the instructions in the add-on section.

Starter Set:

Check out the campaign by clicking the banner below!

All images copyright Titan-Forge Miniatures All Rights Reserved

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