Giant Robot Hellboy now on preorder. Mantic Games

News just in from the guys at Mantic that is bound to excite the fans of the cigar-chomping and kitten loving comic book hero that is Hellboy!  #staysafestayhome #staysafe

From the Press Release

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Mike Mignola has been entertaining fans with new illustrations nearly each day. These range from characters from the Mignolaverse to icons in popular culture. However, one of the most eye-catching was Giant Robot Hellboy–a massive mechanical version of Hellboy. As soon as we saw it, we just knew we had to make a model!

Each limited-edition Giant Robot Hellboy will be handmade in resin by the team here at Mantic Games. It will be a new playable character that can be used to play Hellboy: The Board Game in solo mode. After all, a huge robot isn’t likely to need a great deal of help dispatching the forces of evil! You can find out more how Giant Robot Hellboy plays in this blog.

For each Giant Robot Hellboy sold, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to World Central Kitchen–the same charity Mike Mignola has been raising money for with his charity auctions during the COVID-19 outbreak. World Central Kitchen has served more than 10 million meals to students, families in need, seniors, and front line healthcare heroes in North America and Spain during the pandemic.

You can see how big Giant Robot Hellboy is in the image below

Click HERE to preorder your own Giant Robot Hellboy NOW!



Images copyright Mantic Games All Rights Reserved

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