Squidmar Miniatures launches Kickstarter

YouTube has more than it’s fair share of celebrities, vloggers who can command hundreds of views per upload and some of the really successful YouTubers can gain tens of millions of hits in a few hours. The gaming hobby also has its own grown heroes, and one of the shinning lights of these is Emil from Squidmar Miniatures.

Emil has a fantastic approach to his videos and is easily one of the best miniature painters in the hobby and his videos are fantastic and very popular to say the least.

Now Emil has taken all that skill and knowledge and created his very first Kickstarter campaign that will bring a se of professional standard miniature paint brushes to backers at very affordable prices.

After months of research and planning the campaign is now live and was quickly funded but there is still plenty of time to back and land yourself some amazing brushes that will help you get the best out of the hobby. The brushes come in various sizes and in a unique holder to keep them safe from damage.

That’s not all tough as there is a beautiful series of busts designed with Emils input and up alongside the brushes! The busts are cast in high quality resin and designed to be painting projects for backers, rather than usable within games.

You can find the campaign by clicking the link below, and grab yourself a real bargain.  Also check out Squidmar Miniatures over on YouTube for some amazing content.

Back the Kickstarter 

CCick.the banner to go to the official Squidmar YouTube channel

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