Marvel Aquires Aliens and Predator comics. Marvel

They are two of the best known and loved franchises in all of science fiction and for over thirty years have made Dark Horse Comics their home from home, but now things are afoot to change all that as the ‘house of ideas’ that is Marvel Comics has landed the rights to both Aliens and Predator.

Both titles have been around more or less in one format or another from Dark Horse since the late 80s but now in a bold move that has surprised a few comic book pundits, Marvel have announced via IGN that all new comic books that will tie in with the movies and characters of both franchises are to be released and has teased some excellent artwork in the process

Marvel Predator Cover by David Fincher

Marvel Alien Cover by David Fincher

This could be seen as a greenlight of future movies now that Disney owns Fox, though I doubt we will see xenomorphs facing off against Earths Mightiest Heroes, but who knows!

All images copyright Marvel Comics/IGN  All rights reserved.

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