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Every since it was first teased a year ago at the end of this month, Marvel Crisis Protocol has had fans literally begging for the inclusion of Marvel’s misbegotten sons and daughters, the ones that we call Mutants but for legal reasons they couldn’t be named in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Of course I am talking about the X-Men, the overall encompassing comic book title that neatly brings together all of the mutantkind within the Marvel comics universe and spins them off in their own merry direction.

Since the Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game launched in November last year, the guys at Atomic Mass Games who  produce the game have ran dozens of live stream broadcasts on their Twitch TV channel, (I think I have missed turning up for one so far to date) and the question that gets asked the most during these live streams is Whefore are the X-Men (shortly followed by what happened to CP10 by a very well known regular).

Well that question is about to be answered and much like the announcement of the game itself, this will take place during a live stream during the GenCon Online event.

Recently Atomic Mass Games took to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to post the above image to show that The X-Men are indeed coming to Marvel Crisis Protocol on July 29th at 7PM EST/4PM PST/Midnight BST!

So our prayers for everyone’s favorite and hard done to characters seems to have been answered but just how will it happen and what form will it take?  While nobody outside of Atomic Mass Games is 100% sure, we can speculate and I have already touched on this before in both videos and articles but will add my own hat to the ring.

As stated above we don’t know yet the exact nature of the format, but there are two options.

A) All new Expansion packs that will run alongside the existing Marvel Crisis Protocol game


B) A brand new core game that will deal exclusively with mutans and mutant kind, in a sense a second edition of the game in much the same way that Star Wars Legion Clone Wars is a stand alone game,to Legion but is compatible!

Of the two options I do feel that the second option is the most valid and practical and perhaps the one that will be announced.

I have speculated on this before assuming that the game goes along the same lines of model as Star Wars: Legion (another game from parent company Asmodee) and I feel this very likely.

So assuming my crystal ball is not fogged up or my magic 8 ball isn’t broken what could we expect.  Please bear in mind that this is an educated guess (I have worked in the industry both for companies and as a reviewer for over three decades) so lets take a peek into the not to distant future!

“Marvel Crisis Protocol: Evolution is a fast and fun game that is set in the exciting universe of Marvel Comics™ and features everything you need to recreate those excellent moments in the comics.  Weither you choose to fight for the good of all as the legendary X-Men under the leadership of Cyclops, or fight against those who would imprison or destroy mutantkind as a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, the choice is yours!”

So we have our premise with Marvel Crisis Protocol: Evolution, what would we get to see in the core set and beyond?

The core box would contain the rules booklet, dice, range rulers, movement rulers, tokens and counters found in the original core set (with the only real change being the rule booklet) and ten all new miniatures from two factions The X-Men and The Brotherhod of Mutants, terrain pieces and perhaps a new vehicle.

The X-Men

Given that there are literally dozens of mutants who can be classed as X-Men, X-Force, New Mutants or one of the other teams, its a difficult choice to narrow things down but I would dare say that it could perhaps go like this.

Cyclops (Leader) Scott Summers is a brilliant tactician and powerful mutant who leads his team of X-Men with a regimented approach.  He is young and brash but his often misunderstood by those around him, which he uses to his advantage.

Wolverine. Nobody knows exactly how old the mutant known as Wolverine or Logan is but he is very old.  This squat but powerful mutant has almost unparalleled healing abilities and has had his body infused with the hardest metal known to man outside of Wakanda, Adamantium.

Ice-Man. Bobby Drake is the Ice-Man, a mutant who is literally supercool.  Able to control the very moisture in the air around him and turn it to ice, Ice-Man is fast and able to take his enemies by surprise.

Beast. A brilliant scientist Dr. Henry ‘Hank; McCoy features a unique mutation that sees him more like an animal than man, and he possess extreme strength and agility that is only equaled by the great apes.  An attempt to neturalise the condition truly brought out the beast within and McCoy would end up become covered with bright blue fur, truly looking like the Beast from which he gets his name.

Colossus. A humble hearted man with a good nature, Pitor Rasputin is a giant of a man standing at well over six feet in height. But when he uses his mutation he turns into the towering Colossus standing at well over seven feet tall and made from a living metal.  Immensely strong and a powerful fighter Colossus is often the voice of reason to others.

The Brotherhood of Mutants

There have been almost as many members of the Brotherhood as there has been of the various X-Men teams over the years, and in fact many of the members of both teams have switched sides (including their leaders on occasion), though this is the roster I would go for!

Magneto (Leader). Erik Lensherr discovered his mutation the hard way when as a child he was exposed to the horrors of war, and found that he had control of magnetism and soon would become one of the most powerful mutants on Earth.  He believes strongly that humanity is a threat to all mutants and therefore must be removed and he leads the Brotherhood in his fight to save his people and woe betide anyone human or mutant that gets in his way.

Rogue. Anna Marie has a very powerful mutation that allows her to steal the powers of others by simply making skin contact with them.  Once she almost killed Captain Marvel, draining her of her powers and leaving her in a coma, this encounter left Rogue with the ability to fly and super strength.

Toad. Mortimer Toynbee is a complex mutant who has been picked on and bullied his whole life.  He is extremely agile and able to use his speed against his foes and often lashes out using his prehensile tongue, much like a reptile would to catch a fly and soon he gained the nickname of Toad!

Sabertooth. Victor Creed is a hulking mutant who is often on the wrong side of the mutant known as Wolverine, both have an intense hatred for the other.  Standing almost eight feet in height Sabertooth is cunning and deadly.

Mystique: Raven Darkholme is one of the worlds deadliest mutants, she is intelligent and cunning and has the ability to shapeshift into any humanoid form she wish and mimic it perfectly.

That is the basic ten models I would have chosen for a core set and once again this is just speculation on my part, but ideally, it would work.

The Future?

Of course this is just the core set and with a roster that consists of hundreds of characters across a whole multitude of teams, its only natural that would could see many expansions to come.  Professor Xavier and Juggernaught are naturals and both spring to mind instantly, along with Storm, Pyro, Deadpool, Cable, Blob and so many other characters that fit neatly into this side niche of the Marvel Universe.

All will be revealed come July 29th true believers

Nuff Said


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I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

3 thoughts on “X Marks the Spot. Atomic Mass Games

    1. I went for Beast as he is a large character like Ultron or Doc Ock, and I love Nightcrawler as hes one of my favourite characters in the whole of Marvel. I can see Storm really working well in the game too.


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