Indomitus Rides Again. Games Workshop

It always seems like there is someone who is out to make a quick buck, while the rest of us mere mortals miss out.  You know the kind of people I am on about, those who seize an opportunity and turn a profit by selling at overly inflated prices to the poor unfortunates who were unable to get said item.

The case in point is something that has hit home to many gamers around the world, who have been unable to get their hands on a copy of Warhammer 40,000 Indomitus due to some individuals exploiting loop holes and purchasing dozens of copies of the game that sold out in less than eight minutes on Games Workshops site this weekend past.

With some copies already selling on Ebay for three times the cost price, a lot of folks were naturally miffed and peeved that they couldn’t a copy for those scalping the product from under them.

In the space of forty-eight hours or so, Games Workshop has listened to the fans of its products and very wisely offer to make available the game for anyone who pre-orders the product from its site.  Details below

From the announcement 

Here’s what we’re going to do:

Today, we’re going to be making Indomitus available as a Made to Order item for a limited time. If you missed out on the pre-order and/or aren’t able to make it to a store for launch day, you’ll still be able to secure a copy.

These will be limited to one per customer order, and we will be making them as fast as we can. We don’t have an exact delivery date just now, but it might be up to 120 days before you receive your copy.

The way it will work is simple:

1 – Place your order on

2 – The noble adepts in the Games Workshop factory will make you your very own Indomitus set.

3 – Once your Indomitus set is ready, we’ll send it out to you.

Also there is a reminder that local stockists and Warhammer stores should be able to help out so check with them.  Click on the link above to order directly from Games Workshop.

This is a bold move and will see many scalpers with egg on their faces now as they are left with dozens of copies of a game that they can no longer make big bucks from.

Check out my video unboxing below to see this awesome value for money game.

All images copyright Games Workshop All Rights Reserved.

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