Marvel Crisis Protocol GenCon at Home Round Up

This weekend gone saw the first ever virtual GenCon event taking place, due to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19 that have left the world unable to function as normal.

Many games companies would have been planning GenCon events for the past year or so, and though the event was cancelled, a virtual GenCon at Home took place, allowing all that hard work to still go ahead.

Atomic Mass Games took GenCon 2019 by storm as they shared the stage with Fantasy Flight Games and announced the launch of the highly successful Marvel Crisis Protocol miniatures game, which would land in stores in November of 2019.  Word of mouth spread like wildfire of how amazing the game looked and the spectacular miniatures, and pretty soon this brand new company seemed to dominate news feeds on Twitter and Facebook.

A year on and to celebrate this Atomic Mass Games took to their live Twitch channel on Wednesday, July 29th and made an announcement that many fans had been waiting for since the game made its debut; the X-Men were coming!

The reveal was pretty short at less than twenty minutes but Head of Studio Will Shick thanked everyone for their support over the past year and stated that they had been hard at work behind the scenes on the upcoming miniatures that would be part of the Marvel Crisis Protocol Universe and not a second core set.  Of course, many of the X-Men have been part of other teams such as The Avengers, Defenders, Fantastic Four, so it makes sense not to keep them separate but part of me wishes that they had done so.

Revealed during the pretty awesome trailer (see below) was the amazing looking X-Men models and over the course of the weekend more and more leaks were teased then revealed and brand new models were shown off, discussed, and even painting tutorials by Will Shick and Dallas Kemp on the Twitch live streams. Add to this talks on how characters get from the page to the table top and much more and it was a highly rewarding weekend.

As I posted recently, the X-Men expansions will all hopefully be in stores in November to celebrate the first anniversary of Marvel Crisis Protocol and the waves include Wolverine and Sabertooth, Cyclops and Storm, Beast and Mystique and Magneto and Toad.

The amazing Wolverine that Sculpting Director Dallas Kemp painted during one of the GenCon at Home live sreams. Copyright Atomic Mass Games All Rights Reserved

A good many of the mutant miniatures will feature optional heads or arms to allow you to build alternate variants such as Wolverine with or without the mask.


But it wasn’t just X-Men revealed as a lot of other models were teased, by images on the Instagram and Facebook pages of AMG, and some even shown off during the many live streams.  Some of the best images are below for ease of convenience.

As you can see by the images in the gallery above, there are a lot of great looking models coming in the next few months, with many more to follow.  My favourite character in comic books is finally getting the justice he deserves (pun intended) as Kingpin will be released in November of this year, complete with a crushed Nelson and Murdoch sign underfoot.  There is a brand new terrain set that features construction site components under Fisk Industries to add to the Kingpin theme.  Kingpin will be a part of the Spider Foes faction in the game, but will also most likely be the leader of another faction which will feature Bullseye and Elektra.  A huge miniature that stands nearly as tall as the Hulk.

Bullseye was teased, along with the Man without Fear, Daredevil, and though we have known about these miniatures for a good few months now, it was fantastic to finally see them in all their painted glory.

We got to see Angela and Enchantress, both had been hinted at before but this was our first look at them, and also Taskmaster and Punisher, again astounding looking miniatures, with Punisher being part of one of the live stream painting sessions featuring both Will and Dallas and their own takes on the character.

Bullseye and Daredevil were both teased then revealed and a completely out of left field appearance of She-Hulk kind of threw everything off balance as nobody was expecting her.

All in all the reveals were pretty great and while I would have preferred a second core set for the X-Men, I am not complaining at all.  We also got confirmation that Luke Cage (Powerman) and Iron Fist would be coming at some point due to the leaked Defenders roster card

There was also a tease at the end of the trailer that hinted that a certain fourth wall breaking mutant would be making his appearance at some time,

Last year Atomic Mass Games blew everyone away with their excellent demo tables on the GenCon floor, each featuring scenes that could have been lifted directly from a Marvel comic and this year we got to see that continue with a glimpse of their Brooklyn Bridge section which is huge, and of course the Xavier School for Gifted Students (or X mansion in old money) featured in the trailer for the X-Men reveal.  You can check out just how the mansion was made bye he very talented Rob Hawkins by clicking on the link below

And so its over for another year. With Marvel Crisis Protocol gaining more and more fans each week, and a roster of thousands of characters to use, it looks like the game is going onwards and upwards, but what do I see in the future?


I am normally pretty good at reading games companies as I have been doing this a long, long time, and been pretty accurate with my musings over the past year for a few games, including Marvel Crisis Protocol.  Here are few things that I think will happen in the next year or so

  • New Modes of Play:  We already have a few modes of play for the game but I can see more coming down the line, from team up play to solo rules that will allow you to play the game alone and still get that comic book feel.
  • Organised Play: While this is already a thing for the game, I do see it being expanded more and hopefully will reach outside of the USA.
  • Another Big Bad: We have had our first big bad guy in the form of Thanos, which was really well-received (review coming very soon) and while he may be the big bad of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he isn’t the only bad guy in the Marvel Comics.  We could expect to see Anhallus and Kang the Conquer, both have really been huge bad guys in the comics, but my money is on the next big bad being Doctor Doom!

Covid-19 has really left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth and thrown our normal lives out of kilter. Things we once took for granted are not as easy to do now sadly, and I do see that the huge conventions and events may fade away and go into an online presence over the next few years, I hope not but it looks that way if I am being honest.  Atomic Mass Games did a fantastic job with their streams and reveals and helped bring the fans in closer and grow the community. I wish to thank Will Shick, Dallas Kemp, Will Pagani, Josh Colón and Simone Elliott for helping keep us all sane during this testing time and their dedication to the fans of their amazing game.

Nuff Said


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All Images Copyright Atomic Mass Games, All Rights Reserved


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