Imperial Officers & Stormcloak Chieftains lead the fight in Skyrim!

More great news for fans of The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms from our good friends at Modiphus Entertainment.

Today we’re delighted to announce the release of the pre-orders for two brand new mini sets, a terrain set and a card expansion sets The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms.
Heading this set of releases are two leadership packs, The Imperial Officers and Stormcloaks Chieftains Expansions, plus a new Bleak Falls Barrow Tomb Scatter terrain set to add even more flavour to your delves. We finish up with the Chapter 1 Card Pack: Civil War which adds a raft of new options to overcome the dangers of Skyrim plus all the cards you need for releases through till January!
Best of all you won’t have to wait too long as all sets are expected to ship at the end of October.

Imperial Officers ExpansionLong live the Empire! GENERAL TULLIUS is a central lynchpin and rallying point for the legion, whist LEGATE RIKKE brings her tactical expertise to the battlefield, making Imperial troops ready for anything. Imperial troops are further bolstered by the healing powers of the PRIESTESS OF ARKAY and the fearsome IMPERIAL HEADSMAN dispenses justice. The IMPERIAL CAPTAIN holds the line and helps her troops strike down the Empire’s enemies.
1 x General Tullius, Imperial Governor1 x Legate Rikke, Chief Legate1 x Priestess of Arkay, Devout Healer1 x Imperial Headsman, Grim Executioner1 x Imperial Captain, Garrison Commander5 x Scenic Bases
Stormcloak Chieftains ExpansionLead your brothers and sisters in the fight to free Skyrim! ULFRIC STORMCLOAK inspires his troops and defeats his enemies with axe and fearsome Dragon Shouts. GALMAR STONEFIST sweeps the enemy aside with mighty swings of hisaxe. Talos will grant you his blessings whilst HEIMSKR is with you. Enhance your weapons and armour as you prepare for war with the STORMCLOAK QUARTERMASTER, and lead your troops to victory with the STORMCLOAK GENERAL.
1 x Ulfric Stormcloak, Bear of Markarth1 x Galmar Stonefist, Chosen of Ulfric1 x Heimskr, Priest of Talos1 x Stormcloak Quartermaster, Master Provisioner1 x Stormcloak General, True Son of Skyrim5 x Scenic Bases
Bleak Falls Barrow Tomb Scatter
Tombs across Tamriel are filled with the remnants of the distant past. Low level magic keeps braziers lit and torches burning, but in the land of Skyrim the flickering light illuminates unique treasures – and untold dangers. Sarcophagi enclose sleeping Draugr, as likely to crumble as to rise again. Funerary urns glint with possibility, while burial pots contain the earthly wealth of long dead kings. Yours for the taking, so long as you can make it out alive… 

1 x Upright Draugr Sarcophagus with lid and Draugr
1 x Horizontal Draugr Sarcophagus with Lid and Draugr
1 x Freestanding Brazier
1 x Brazier in rock plinth
6 x Funerary Urns
6 x Storage Urns 

Chapter 1 Card Pack: Civil War
Civil War is the first Chapter Expansion for Elder Scrolls: A call to Arms. It includes cards for Imperial and Stormcloak soldiers, plus additional adventurers and Adversaries such as Draugr and Skeletons. Additional Battle Mode and Delve Quests, Traps and Events expand the narrative adventure game. Equip your heroes with new weapons, spells, armor and enchantments to overcome the dangers of Skyrim 

This card pack contains 218 cards containing new heroes, followers, adversaries, upgrades, quests, traps, events and more to allow players to use the new models in Chapter 1 and customize their Elder Scrolls: A Call to Arms miniatures.

22 x Educational Cards
61 x Poker Cards
135 x Euro Mini Cards

Contains cards for the following sets: Adventurer Allies, Adventurer Followers, Stormcloak Skirmishers, Stormcloak Champions, Imperial Reinforcements, Imperial Officers, Draugr Guardians, Draugr Ancients, Skeleton Horde.

Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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